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    "The Breach" The first single taken from Lazy Habits second studio album "The Atrocity Exhibition" starring Taron Egerton (Kingsman, Legend, Eddie The Eagle) Buy Now https://itunes.apple.com/gb......


    I walk this beat

    Feel each hit

    I’ve fallen in my blood streams

    I’ll walk this beat

    I’ll try to man the breach

    And I’m in this, and it’s been so long.

    It’s hard to know what you did right and what you did wrong.

    Will the scales stay balanced at the end of the song?

    Coz it’s all that I really wanted to be was strong

    To fall get up go on

    but I ain’t gonna drive straight line like Tron
    就像「創:光速戰記」的電影一樣走著直線 不拐彎抹角

    Me? I work my own legacy

    predatory like payday loans
    像高利貸業者一樣 以無所不用其極的兇狠態度在社會上拼搏

    So sick of autotunes and monotones

    Intent on the crown in this games of thrones

    You found your house

    So where’s your home Where’s your home
    但那是你的家嗎 你的家到底在哪裡呢

    Walking the wall

    exposed to the elements

    Observant of all but obscured from the relevance

    The journeys developing, enveloping us all
    世界的巨輪繼續轉動著 我們全部都被概括在內

    Push the first domino, watch it fall
    推倒第一個骨牌後 看著其他骨牌逐漸倒下

    Effects of the sprawl, the fires we have started
    連鎖效應逐漸蔓延 是我們自己開啟的烽火連天

    Slammed on the breaks but its black ice the car slid
    這時才想到要大力踩下煞車 但車行以至危冰無法停止滑動

    Lonely in conflict, the cost of an artist
    而在這自我懷疑的衝突中感到孤獨 是身為藝術家的代價

    Cast as a convict, a bull’s eye to target
    在人生的試鏡會上就被選角成為囚犯 直接被定位為標靶上的靶心

    In December when it’s dark before the morning even starts
    這世道有如無盡冬日 漫長的永夜

    And each remark is like a dart, so poisonously sharp

    And nobody even laughs

    And every business is in debt and understaffed
    所有的生意都負債累累 遇缺不補

    So who gifts a craft
    在這個現實的世道 誰還把「職人」當一回事呢?

    Sieved through fools gold in a mine shaft

    Bring out your dead bring out your dead
    我只能喊著 「把死亡的人都交出來」而我指的是 請告訴我最赤裸的那些真實故事

    I push the cart
    而我會勇於把這些真實的故事傳送下去 就像是推著承載死者屍身出暗無天日的礦井一樣

    Featuring Hollywood bothering youngster and friend & fan of the band Taron Egerton, the trailer nicely sets the mood and entices you all in to ‘The Breach’ which is brimming with aggressively pounding beats and brass and see’s lead vocalist MC Lazy push himself vocally further than perhaps we've heard before. In this we also see the recruitment of another bright star who’s Hollywood future beckons, and fellow High Cross Society (another project of MC Lazy) member and frontman for More Like Trees, Joshua Whitehouse. In a role juxtaposing that of his Kingsman one, we see a timid and nervous Taron Egerton unwillingly caught in the middle of an unforgettable hen-night filled with hedonistic debauchery. As the night unfolds he-befriends busker Joshua Whitehouse, seems to be revelling in the nights shenanigans, but perhaps isn't the nice guy Taron believes him to be. How will the nights events unfold?

    Taron Egerton
    Gwyneth Keyword

    Directed by Kash Black
    DP: Rex McWhirter
    Produced by Kash and Uncanny
    Written by J. Collins

    收錄在「慵懶成性 (Lazy Habits)」的第二張專輯「殘酷特覧(The Atrocity Exhibition)」 第一首單曲「裂痕 (The Breach)」官方正式版MV由知名英國演員泰隆艾格頓(Taron Egerton,金牌特務) 以及曾演出Burberry香水廣告以及獲得愛丁堡國際電影節、米蘭影展、台北金馬影展入圍殊榮的電影「接線員」的男神演員喬許懷斯(Josh Whitehouse)連袂演出,影像結合音樂上重擊的節拍,銅管及弦樂配器的恣意表現,搭配被台灣嘻哈大佬「大支 Dwagie」大推,稱之為「鐵肺rapper」主唱James的快意饒舌聲線,呈現出一個有趣的故事。MV中泰隆飾演一位在酒吧裡工作,害羞又緊張的男孩,不想面對當晚酒吧舉辦的瘋狂婚前派對,也想鼓起勇氣跟老闆談辭職。揪竟泰隆要如何應對酒醉狂歡的女孩們?揪竟泰隆能不能順利離職成功?讓我們繼續看下去...

    主演:泰隆艾格頓(Taron Egerton,金牌特務)
    導演:Kash Black
    編劇:詹姆斯柯林斯(J. Collins)
    攝影指導:銳斯麥懷特(Rex McWhirter)
    製作公司:Kash & Uncanny Films Ltd


    英國嘻哈樂團「慵懶成性 (Lazy Habits)」單曲「裂痕 (The Breach)」全面上架串流平台,歡迎各位朋友們到自已最方便的串流平台聽歌!

    iTunes / Apple Music►https://goo.gl/QwZEK7
    friDay music►https://goo.gl/r72ofq


    Agent: Rob@empireagency.com

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