• Henry Bowers feat. Amsie Brown - The Vigil (Official Video)

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    The Vigil is a track from the upcoming Henry Bowers album A Delicate Craft. The Uppsala reggae vocalist Amsie Brown is featured on the track. At the end of the video there's a snippet of a roots remix of the song by the Gothenburg reggae/hiphop profile Hofmästarn. You'll find the full version of it on Spotify, iTunes and such.

    Beats by Logophobia

    For all the resolution nerds, this video was not shot in 4k, but since the look of it is quite grainy and rugged the best way to get it to look good on youtube was to upscale it.

    Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/al......



    I’m rappin’ for a livin’ with the shittiest of revenues
    I’m payin’ what I need to pay then give away the residue
    I live today as if I knew tomorrow’s mine
    when in fact I’m well aware I’m on some borrowed time
    and I have to meet my destiny – it’s sadly a necessity
    reality will drastically just capture me eventually
    and rap’ll be the death of me – I’ve understood that
    but it’s the only thing I’ve ever been told I was good at
    so I’ll stick to my guns with conviction
    I feel as if my diction’s become an addiction
    and now I’m too weird for jobs and social life
    I know – but the scope of what I write is ocean wide
    they wanna keep us dull and they’re takin’ great measures
    by providin’ a variety of chemical pleasures
    but they sure ain’t getting what they paid for
    ain’t chasin’ no dragon – just tryin’ to outrun the pale horse

    we fight and we fend but tonight it will finally end
    come foes – come friends
    I bet you can tell this is it so I bid my farewell
    let the vigil commence

    I’m puttin’ critics in clinics – sick of their cynical opinions
    they wanna be remembered – I am givin’ ‘em oblivion
    ‘cause livin’ in dominions of faculties is frightening
    so actually in fact they better stack up on their vicodin
    they take one look at you then call in the cavalry
    and quickly throw a book at you with marketing strategies
    bargainin’ tactfully and targetin’ mass appeal
    but I’ve got the audacity to be causin’ calamity
    ‘cause I’m stubborn as fuck – never givin’ in willingly
    always listen to my gut like some silly ventriloquy
    words are weapons and I’ve got the illest artillery
    I flow precise as if I’ve got a silicon chip in me
    I’m bringin’ ruckus to the dicks who string the puppets
    hope to hit ‘em with my spit before I quit and kick the bucket
    lick my dick and suck it if you didn’t approve
    now go and do your job and write a shitty review

    this mountaintop is lonely – I am nobody’s protégé
    eventually mountains turn to pebble – it’s a slow decay
    I was told to stay in line but I’m fallible
    the detours I have taken have been rather radical
    incompatible – my path is full of twists and contortions
    and it’s taken cataclysmic proportions
    now I’m stealin’ cookies ‘cause I’m desperate for fortune
    can’t rest my stressed mind – left with exhaustion
    I’ve built my kingdom in the dark – I was set apart
    have been roamin’ freely in the shadows from the very start
    soon you’ve reached the end of this emperor’s repertoire
    when I’m done send me off to bed forevermore
    a legacy of record sleeves made in the days of old
    my castle has been crumblin’ as of late but I stay on post
    crazy – well maybe so – afraid it’s the way to go
    a heart fit for gods and a face fit for radio Show less
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