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    These videos debuted as part of a video project initially streamed on Twitch on October 10th, 2019. (Twitch premiere VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/493255031?t=8m44s)

    Some time ago, I was asked to participate in a media project that would, in part, involve collecting footage of never-before-seen Tetris achievements. I began to work toward Classic GM and various "world's first" Secret Grade completions. The Classic GM, achieved 2018/04/11, was the first achievement I was able to successfully record toward that end.

    Since that project was put on hold some time last year, I was given the go ahead to make my own release plans if I so desired. However, for various reasons, I held off on releasing it. Between dragging my feet, holding the aspirational goal of achieving the Secret Grades I was trying for the other project, and wanting to edit together an interesting reveal video to stream on Twitch, it took until 2019/10/10 to resolve myself to releasing what I had collected and edited thus far.

    Many of the achievements were recorded in the past few months. Once I completed the Secret Grade pattern in NES, I felt like there was some momentum toward putting together a more cohesive and interesting product. I continued to work on Classic Shirase and Secret GM attempts in an attempt to have at least three interesting segments to include in the video.

    I also started working on World Shirase to see if it would make Classic Shirase any more manageable, which also gave me thought to pick up World Master GM while I was at it. Once the Shirase Secret GM came together, and once the World Shirase S13 was achieved (after four or five 1299 games in the week or two prior), I knew that I had a solid lineup for the final release. The rest was just finding time to finish editing, and convincing myself that I had a strong, balanced product worth releasing (difficult to do with how much I let the task get to my head, and without being able to solicit much of any outside advice).

    2018/04/11 - Classic Master GM
    2019/07/22 - NES "Secret Grade GM"
    2019/09/04 - World Master GM
    2019/09/10 - Classic Shirase Secret Grade GM
    2019/09/13 - World Shirase S13

    I dropped Classic Shirase PB or S13 from the lineup in part due to the difficulty in achieving it, and also due to difficulty in working it into the final video; given that Master GM came earlier chronologically, I would have to place any Shirase PB later in the video to avoid spoilers. (In the "Lacrimosa" skit from the original reveal video, I used heavily-blurred footage of failed Shirase games in order to avoid revealing that Classic GM was already present in my player card.) As such, I've left Shirase as an open target for future streaming.

    All-in-all, I'm quite happy with how this project turned out. I am very sorry about how long it took to release -- especially the Master GM video, but to some extent the others I from the last few months as well. However, I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I did in working on them.
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