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    Spiros Kottis B is demoing the BCK-1 by Kelfar Technologies.

    Kelfar Technologies Breath Controller (BCK-1)


    Kelfar Technologies BCK-1 Breath Controller Offers Easy to Use, Sensitive Breath Control for Keyboard Instruments

    Kelfar Techologies' new BCK-1 Breath Controller is the accessory keyboardists demand for sensitive and precise volume control during performance. The Kelfar Breath Controller is simple and easy to use, yet offers incredibly sensitive volume control. The result is a rich sound that makes electronically produced music ring with the nuances of actual instruments.

    Expert Sound from an Easy-to-Use Accessory

    The new BCK-1 Breath Controller makes it easy to create expert sound quality during your performances. Adjust the gain and offset to your own unique preferences. Connect the BCK-1 to your keyboard's BC input or use a convert box such as BCXP PRO and you're ready to experience gradations of volume you never thought were possible with an electronic keyboard!

    Each Unit Individually Tested and Calibrated

    Each Kelfar BCK-1 has been individually tested and calibrated for accurate and consistent volume control. It's a professional quality breath controller at an affordable price

    Other great features of the BCK-1 include: Gain and Offset value controls to customize the sensitivity of the Breath Controller. Six foot (6') long 1/8" stereo cord compatible with most keyboard models -- and long enough so you won't feel tethered to your instrument. Breakaway lanyard, which makes it easy to hold, connect and disconnect the Kelfar Breath Controller. Flex arm mini mount and flex arm clip, which makes it easy to mount the breath controller on your favorite stand . Easy to clean (and keep clean!) microbial resistant plastic.

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    Breath-to-Expression Converter for the Yamaha BC3A™ Headset
    BCXP Pro is a revolutionary addition to the world of keyboard technology. This device allows you to regulate your keyboard's volume with your own breath, giving it the natural modulations found in all brass and wind instruments. Rather than having the flat, uniform tones found with common keyboard strokes, the BCXP Pro reads your breath's pressure and translates it into power for each note you play. The softer you blow, the lower the volume. As your breath's pressure increases, the note becomes louder. This gives the ramp-ups and trail-offs produced by real wind and brass instruments.

    The BCXP Pro is a patented proprietary device that is American made and guaranteed to improve your performances in a way no other keyboard plug-in device can. All you need is a keyboard with an expression input jack and Yamaha BC3A headset to get started. By plugging the BCXP Pro directly into your keyboard's Pedal input, and plugging your BC3A headset into the BCXP Pro, you unleash new potential for producing a whole new array of realistic sounds.

    The BCXP Pro requires no special software or other devices (besides the headset). You don't even need a MIDI! Its simple settings do not require technical skills in order to operate: this is a true plug-and-play accessory.


    The BCXP PRO can be connected to most keyboards/synths through the Pedal Input Jack for controlling volume, expression or other assigned parameters. BCXP PRO has a 1/8" input jack to connect to the Yamaha BC3A™ and your keyboard with a comparable input array. BCXP PRO has an input jack for connection to an expression pedal (to merge an additional device). BCXP PRO is linear (0-127). BCXP PRO has a reverse button for reversing the tip & ring. BCXP PRO has two LED indicators: green for full battery, and yellow for low battery warning. BCXP PRO is powered by either a 9v battery or DC 9v regulated power supply (not included).
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    order it from http://korgpa500ort.ocm
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