• "You're A Jerk"-The New Boyz (Parody)

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    "I'm At Work" KeithFromUpDaBlock featuring John Ollie. Produced by Skee TV & Directed by Matt Alonzo. Featuring Cameo's from some of Youtubes Finest! David Spates, Timothy De La Ghetto & Alphacat! Possibly the best produced made for YouTube video of all time.

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    "Im At Work" by KeithFromUpDaBlock feat. John Ollie
    (Parody of "Your A Jerk" by The New Boyz)
    I'm At Work ( bunch of times)

    1st verse (KeithFromUpDaBlock)
    Damn! My boss be trippin.
    Got an iced out mug with coffe in it.
    Wake up early & mad from the sound of the alarm
    like the new Xerox just touch it & turn it on.
    & when the ink starts bleedin for no basic reason
    Not my fault. Lunchbreak? I'm Leavin.
    They Like "Where you goin wit dat blue man purse?"
    I said "None Of Your Concern" Then I ran (Straight To Work)
    Hopped on da train. Already late.
    Tried to call out but aint have no sick days.
    Pulled up to the cubicle tucked my shirt in.
    The week's just started everybody's workin.
    We be workin to the right, Workin to the left.
    I'll prolly end up quittin cause I'm gettin mad stressed.
    My boss wants me to do a 'dub, & its something the whole floor heard but all I could hear was
    (Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah)
    I'm off this weekend I aint doin no double.
    Im at work. I aint never lie.
    I'm a slip & fall & get paid till I die!!!!!

    I'm at work. ( x16 or more)

    2nd Verse (John Ollie)
    I hate my boss, cant stand my job.
    The economy sucks so I gotta work hard.
    Got a cubicle thats small at the end of the hall
    My boss on my back when i make a phonecall
    Im at peace when I hang far away from my work.
    When I'm at the office they treat me like a jerk.
    See the guy that sits at the desk next to mine.
    He does no work & he steals my shine.
    He's cheesin' & teasin man "Cut me some slack!"
    All these people in the office "Get off my back!"
    Had a flat on my ride so I had to take the bus.
    Get in a minute late and they wanna start stuff.
    At being assholes , my coworkers are the best.
    Cant get it up at home cuz I'm so damn stressed
    I tell my girl all the time it's because I'm at work.
    But now she sleepin with him & Damn I'm hurt.
    ( Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah)
    Why they trippin on a guy like me?
    Im at work! I aint never lie.
    When they tun they back, I'm a steal some supplies.

    Written by KeithFromUpDaBlock & John Ollie
    Produced By Shecky Green, Milo Berger, DJ Skee
    Recorded & Arranged by Marquis Washington
    Special Thanks to: Alphacat, Timothy De La Ghetto, Reina Spates & David Spates Show less
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