• Kashi Chewy Nut Butter Bar Commercial

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    This is not just a granola bar
    It’s a chance for you to support American farmers.
    Sure our new Kashi Chewy Nut Butter bar is made with
    gluten free whole grain oats
    … drizzled with creamy almond butter…
    …dark chocolate chunks and a hint of sea salt.

    But it’s also Certified Transitional. So with every bite you help farmers like Richard here convert their farmland to organic.

    So don’t just CHEW something awesome…
    …let’s do something awesome! Show less
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    It’s called Certified Transitional. And it’s a way to support farmers during their three-year journey to become USDA certified organic.

    During the conversion process, Quality Assurance International certifies crops in transition to ensure they are grown using sustainable processes and that the farms avoid genetically modified seeds as well as prohibited conventional synthetic pesticides.

    OK. Back up. What is a “transitional” crop?

    A “transitional” crop is grown on a land that’s in the process of converting from conventional to organic certification. After three years of meeting USDA Organic standards, farmers can apply for organic certification. Before the three-year mark, any crops grown on the field are considered “transitional” crops and cannot be sold on the organic market.

    How does Certified Transitional help increase organic farming?

    Through Certified Transitional, we are helping to create a marketplace to drive more organic farmland. It reduces the uncertainty farmers face and provides them with a market and greater financial security. So the easier it is for them to transition their land, the more likely they’ll be to do it.

    How is Kashi supporting this initiative?

    We’re supporting farmers in transition to organic with a new cereal made with wheat from transitional farmland. It’s called Dark Cocoa Karma, and moving forward, it will always be made with wheat from transitional farms. Thanks to our partnership with QAI and Hesco, it’s the first Certified Transitional product on the market and we hope it’s the catalyst to help more farmers to convert their farmland—thus creating more transitional crops.

    And who is QAI?

    That stands for Quality Assurance International — an independent organization and USDA-accredited organic certification body that leads the development of the transitional certification requirements. QAI worked to develop guidelines for each year of farmers’ three-year transitional period, requirements for processors to separate transitional crops from conventional and organic, and a process for verifying on-the-ground transitional farming practices that convert land to become eligible for organic certification.

    Who is Hesco?

    Hesco, Inc./Dakota Organic Products is a USDA accredited organic certification organization that purchases, mills, blends and packages high-quality, super clean organic and conventional grains. Kashi worked with it to identify two farmers to supply Certified Transitional grain for our new Dark Cocoa Karma Shredded Wheat Biscuits — the first Certified Transitional product on the market.

    And it’s open to anyone?

    Absolutely. It’s an open system where any company can join. Our hope is this will speed the switch to organics at a much larger scale than Kashi could even accomplish alone. We believe that by working together across industries, we will have a much greater impact on the planet and the food system we share.

    Sounds great. How do I get my company involved?

    Lear more at www.Kashi.com/Transitional :)
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