• Little Mental Health Tips That Make a Big Difference

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    Seeing as it's World Mental Health Day, I decided to share my favourite little tips that'll make a big difference when it comes to minding your mental health.

    If this is your first time on my channel, hiya! I'm Jessica. I like to make videos about mental health, dating, relationships, the YouTube community and Tinder (mostly).

    I have social anxiety and am currently taking medication for it (so you can trust that I'm legit when I say I've anxiety — a doctor is repeatedly confirming it for me by giving me drugs :P ). I like to talk about my experiences mostly just because I don't leave the house to see friends a lot, so I end up talking to myself. I might as well record what I'm saying and make some use out of my conversations!

    You can see why I'd like Tinder, right? I get to talk to cute guys while in my sweats, sitting all comfy on the couch.

    I've some issues when it comes to my self-worth and my weight and all of that stuff, so sometimes I put up videos about that when it becomes too stressful and I just need to tell someone (anyone) about it. My camera is easier to tell, even if it means I do eventually end up telling actually people through that process (the actual people being you — well done on making it this far by the way).

    Sometimes my videos will go more political, as I am very invested in the Repeal the 8th campaign, equality and the general political landscape (lol okay, I mean like, I follow Gerry Adams on Twitter). Sorry if that's not your thing, but they are rare.

    I'm hoping to do more videos on feminism soon too, and yes, I am a feminist.

    Slam poetry about all of the aforementioned topics* will be coming when I'm confident enough in my ability to write slam poems, and I don't feel like a fraudulent fool when I speak loudly and confidently in the way that slam poetry is generally presented.

    *I meant anxiety and mental health, feminism, relationships, Tinder and dating and probably other topics in case you weren't actually paying attention.

    Anyway, subscribe if I've piqued your interest. Don't if I haven't, but know that if you leave now, I'll never love you (which you may be grateful for - idk).

    Where are you from?
    North Dublin, Ireland, Europe.

    What do you shoot on?
    A Canon 600D, usually with an 18-55mm lens. I have a 50mm lens too, but that's only for my pretentious artsy videos.

    Do you use any lights?
    Yup! I use two 52k soft boxes.

    Do you REALLY have anxiety/self-worth issues? You seem very confident/outgoing/chatty/happy?
    *rolls eyes* Yes, I do. I swear on my rabbit Harvey-Brady's life. You can't see inside my head, so please trust me on it. I do have anxiety.

    Uhm, ehm, eh...



    Will do just describe yourself?
    Writer, creative, feminist.


    Website/Blog: https://jessiblah.com
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/jessiblah
    Snapchat: jessiblahtv
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/je...
    Instagram: https://instagram.com/jessi...
    Email: jessiblahtv@gmail.com
    This channel: https://youtube.com/jessibl...

    No music because I forgot to export with the audio track clicked, but it's supposed to me:

    "Do Right" Josh Woodward (https://www.joshwoodward.com)
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0
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      Seeing as it's World Mental Health Day, I decided to share my favourite little tips that'll make a big difference when it comes to minding your mental health.

      If this is your first time on my chan...
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