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  • Beautifully Different by Charisse Hogan

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    My name is Charisse and I have Cerebral Palsy, Low Tone and Ataxia. This is a poem I wrote, Beautifully Different. For 2 weeks I been working on the drawings for this poem video. This video is made using 363 photos of my drawings. Different is beautiful! Everyone is unique! Thank you so much for watching! Please visit my Facebook page, Charisse Living with Cerebral Palsy

    Beautifully Different

    By Charisse Hogan

    In elementary school
    I struggled
    I was the only and first physical disabled child
    To enter that school
    I was different from the rest

    Some of the other children just didn't understand
    So at the age of eight
    The bullying began

    It wasn't the pushes that hurt the most
    It was the words that hurt the worse
    With the words of other children
    That didn't understand
    I began believing
    Being different was a bad thing

    I received rude comments
    Name calling too
    At the end of elementary and the beginning of junior high
    The words echoed in my mind
    As I fight not to cry

    I began to see
    What the others only seem to see
    My disability
    Not me

    I felt like I had a shell
    That hid the person behind the disability
    But in the end of 7th grade
    And the start of 8th grade
    I began to feel a reason
    For my disability

    As I grew a little stronger
    I fought to find the reason
    In 9th grade
    I felt so much better
    I was around those who understand

    But we had to move states after
    And the struggles began again
    Once again it was
    Because kids didn't understand
    And saw
    Different as a bad thing

    As a kid I sometimes thought
    No one will want me
    Why do I have to be so different?
    But as I got older
    I began to see things clearer
    And brighter

    Different is not bad
    Different is beautiful
    So please listen to this message
    A message all ages should hear

    We all were born different
    No one is the same
    We are all unique in our own way

    Next time you feel down
    You are unique, you are amazing, you are beautiful
    No one in this world is worthless
    Each one of us has a reason
    Why we are here
    So find that reason

    Don't let others bring you down
    Be a teacher to others who cannot see
    That different is not a bad thing
    Different is beautiful
    Let's have more acceptance
    Less judgment

    Be yourself
    Shine your light
    Live your life
    Do not be a copy of someone else
    Everyone is born to be unique

    In this world no one is the same
    We all are different
    From color
    And shape
    Our voices

    The way we walk
    What we like
    And dislikes
    Remember we are all unique

    Be you
    You are different
    You are unique
    Different is beautiful
    You are beautiful Show less
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