• Apollo Brown & Ras Kass - Impossible Dream feat. Sean Price

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    New non-album bonus track from the "Blasphemy" sessions.

    "Close your eyes"

    [Verse 1: Ras Kass]
    Close your eyes and dream
    2Pac come and ride with me
    I'll travel to your punishment and come and cry with me
    All seeing eye gypsy
    I tipsy, lost angel while I'm sipping my whisky
    And plotting my murders
    I'm the Neo/Nat Turner
    I'm MC in that water
    Of illuminating the righteous
    I spoke on Illuminati, you was shitting on your diapers
    You scared of life, I'm voodooing the vipers
    Pan's Labyrinth, done Googling the ciphers
    All I need a gun and real ass homies
    Promise to my enemies, I'm cutting to the bone meat
    Cartilage, Spartacus, John is just autonomous
    The Wolverine type to like pull out his old heart and just
    Call this E.D. Eminem, no lights and beams
    No radio rap bitch niggas with they tight ass jeans
    This Elohim, smart niggas off a Kush and lean
    Lights and beams that's gun play, fly like runway

    [Hook: Ras Kass] {x2}
    Dream the impossible dream
    I'm Freddy Kruger with a blunt and some lean
    Meditation with a Buddahist's breath
    And sleep is the cousin of death

    [Verse 2: Sean Price]
    Ayo stupid nigga Sean
    Super nigga arm
    Family reunion, communion, I'm shooting at your moms
    I ain't writing ahead
    Gun in my hand, I guess I aim right for your head
    Nigga murder, death, kill
    Sex, money, mayhem
    Morning murder with a weapon, stepping to the A.M
    Believe in my pa, same way you believe in your god
    Whether it's Allah, Jesus or Master Fahraad
    Mastered the gods
    Blasted ratchets, rattle your car
    Vehicular homicide, the fucks the matter with ch'all?
    Huh, I will pop your noodle
    If I don't do it then Rock will shoot you
    One smack and you look bad
    Backpack rapper strapped with crack in my book bag
    I'm a nigga and that's what niggas do now
    And wouldn't you like to be a nigga just like who?


    [Verse 2: Ras Kass]
    Yo, I was made to spit
    Cause I sing like J.J. fish
    Get bread, bad kid on my Bay Bay shit
    Extorting wack rappers like "pay day bitch"
    You watch Kardashian's sex tape, stare at Ray J's dick
    Shit, and I ain't gotta say more
    The mind that's attached to this spine is a Claymore
    Waterproof submariner, bitch I'm Prince Namor
    Marvel at the heart, I turn dolphins into sharks
    When God made me, He broke the mold
    Nosferatu, Noah put my coffin in the ark
    Put the spark into arc, architect, masonic
    I'm so dark into my arts like the [?] with the heart
    Who the fuck does this? No new nigga
    I'll be new schooling old school continuation tutor niggas
    Old schooling new town niggas
    Fool shooting niggas
    Invade your hood like Vladimir Putin nigga

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