• #JustOfferAnySuggestion | Episode 1

    5,515 views 11 months ago
    You gave me your suggestions, and I made them a reality! After 8 months of intermittent work, the first episode of #JustOfferAnySuggestion is here!

    1) 0:37 - Aidan's Machines - timing trick using a motor and gears
    2) 0:49 - TheRGMGuy01 - balls go through the holes of a vertical gear
    3) 1:11 - The King of Dominoes - use 15 pieces of string
    4) 1:39 - SepetRGMs - use a "skill toy" (slinky)
    5) 2:11 - TheVarietyGuy - trick that looks cool in reverse
    6) 2:21 - Destructotz Domino - multi-use element using only one ping pong ball
    7) 2:34 - TheInvention11 - use a K'nex chain
    8) 2:51 - Sirgabealot G - reload a launcher
    9) 2:57 - TheInvention11 - use a launcher to launch something other than a ball
    10) 3:04 - Domino Dan - make a timing trick without using any K'nex

    I honestly think this is my best video yet, and I think you guys will too. I wanted each and every clip to be unique and special in its own way. There are some clips that are very K'nex-heavy, and some that aren't (there's even one without any!). There are some clips that are bigger, and some that are smaller and more compact. There are some that last over 30 seconds, and some that are only 10 seconds. Of course I'm curious to hear your feedback on your favorites, so leave your thoughts in the comments!
    I also tried to use a variety of suggestions, from a variety of people. (The only person who I used two suggestions from is TheInvention11.) I used suggestions for objects to use, objects to NOT use, specific trick formats, and everything in between. I still have a lot of good suggestions left over from the last video, so I should have plenty for Episode 2!
    Speaking of Episode 2, I will be lowering the number of clips in the video from 10 to 5. Aside from the weeks I was away (Mixer, Reactica, Literal Machine), it took the entire summer to make 8 clips (the two on the light wood table against the white wall were made in my dorm room in Jan/Feb). This is because I am a very slow and meticulous builder. I'm extremely happy with the outcome of this video, but I'd rather these episodes not take 3 months to make. 5 clips should still make a decently long episode, and I can make episodes more often.
    Also, this is the debut video for my new table surface! I'm very happy with how it looks, but I'm even happier with the fact that it works really well with hot glue!

    Most fails: Gear Timing Trick (136 fails)
    Least fails: Block Dominoes & Hammer Launch (4 fails)
    Most frustrating: Quad Launch Through Ring
    Most fun: Resetting Launcher (built with Chase)
    Favorite: Pulley Autolift
    Longest Build Time: "Walking" Gears (10 days)

    TheRGMGuy's channel: https://www.youtube.com/The...

    Atef - PI
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    I am also interested in commissioned work, such as live events, commercials, or product placements. Contact me via e-mail at jackofallspades98@gmail.com if you have any questions. Show less
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      • 11 months ago
      You gave me your suggestions, and I made them a reality! After 8 months of intermittent work, the first episode of #JustOfferAnySuggestion is here!

      1) 0:37 - Aidan's Machines - ti...
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      Good M...
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    This is a playlist of all my chain reaction machines. This is the main focus of my channel, and the videos that I put the most effort into. Each one is special to me for some reason, so I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do.
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