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    Imprivata enables healthcare securely by establishing trust between people, technology, and information.
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    Imprivata offers positive identity, ubiquitous access, and multifactor authentication solutions to help strike the balance between security and clinical workflow efficiency throughout the care process.

    First we have to correctly identify our patient at registration. Now previously I'd have to ask the patient questions to be able to match her to her correct record. Roughly one in 10 patients were misidentified this way and that's due to things like language barriers, clerical errors, or insurance cards sharing. With Imprivata's biometric patient identification solution I confirm the patient's date of birth, scan her palm, and instantly identify her correctly.

    I recently joined the hospital staff and was anxious about the new technologies and applications that I would need to access when caring for patients. Because our IT team uses Imprivata Identity Governance I quickly had access to every clinical application that I needed. Imprivata's authentication management solutions then give me fast, secure access to patient information by automatically logging me in to all of my applications and launching my EHR with the tap of my badge.

    So what I've just done is taken Sam's vitals and that's using a portable vital signs monitor and I'll send that information directly to her patient record. Now previously I needed to manually enter my username and my password to be able to access the device and then send the information to the EHR. That was very inefficient and also frustrating. Now Imprivata allows me to be able to simply tap my badge and I'm instantly authenticated. This is the same consistent workflow that I have for getting fast access to my workstations.

    Now Imprivata allows me to log into the same station that the doctor was using with a simple tap of my badge which we call fast user switching. Now I don't have to close applications, exit, or relaunch the account manually. All I need to do is just tap my badge and I'm in. Now the patient has indicated that her pain is increasingly worse so I'm gonna make note of that in the EHR. With Imprivata's integrated secure messaging platform, I can quickly send a message to Dr. Ross about her increased pain.

    Now I used to page him but that was inefficient and it was also difficult for him to respond in a timely manner. Now I can use the desktop app and this sends a secure message, it's also convenient and it's more context rich than just paging.

    I've logged in at a virtual desktop. Instead of typing a password, Imprivata gives me access simply by tapping my badge.

    I just felt my phone buzz and I see a small Imprivata notification bubble from nurse Hathaway on my screen. It's subtle enough that it doesn't directly interrupt my workflow but visible enough that I don't miss important messages and when I reply our conversation syncs real-time across all of our devices. Now as a doctor I love that I can get any message, anywhere, anytime. It's a major improvement over the old paging system.

    You see, previously I needed to manually enter a username and a password to be able to log into the device and then into each application. Imprivata's authentication management solution now allows me to simply tap my badge and I'm instantly able to access the mobile device and its applications. It's the same fast, secure, no-click access that I trust on my workstations and my medical devices. Imprivata also allows me to launch my applications without typing my password which is very fast and convenient.

    As you can see my virtual session roamed with me to the patient room allowing me to pick up exactly where I left off. Imprivata's EPCS solutions has previously established a trust between my identity and the ability to access EPCS workflow within our EHR. This allows me to complete the prescription in a DEA compliant way.

    I've left the office for the day and now that I'm home I want to log back into the EHR and finish up some of my charts. To increase security I'm required to enter two forms of authentication to access the network. After I enter my password all I have to do is accept a notification that pops up on my phone and I'm allowed in. So as you can see Imprivata's multi-factor authentication solutions establish trust by binding my identity to the mobile device and token so just like that I can securely access the hospital network and from here I can access the EHR and sign EPCS orders with the push token giving me a fast, consistent, two-factor authentication option for both workflows. Show less
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