• 100,000 Subscriber Q&A Video Extravaganza!

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    Where will Fallout 5 take place? Can I do a backflip? Why is my name Mitten Squad? All these questions and more are answered in this 100,000 Subscribers Q&A Video Extravaganza!

    Question Timestamps:

    Why the name Mitten Squad? - 1:56
    What do you think is your favorite game that isn’t Bethesda? - 2:54
    Where would you like to see Fallout 5 (or the next Fallout set)? - 3:28
    Do you feel like Bethesda games are getting too repetitive? - 4:42
    Have you subscribed to PewDiePie yet? - 5:32
    What inspired you to become a YouTuber in the first place? - 5:38
    What’s the worst Fallout challenge that you’ve done so far and what’s your favorite? - 6:35
    Do you prefer mittens over fingered gloves? - 8:03
    Who is your favorite YouTuber? - 8:24
    What will you do when the Fallout series is over with? - 8:42
    How long have you loved Fallout or what is your favorite song? - 8:49
    Who are your favorite Fallout characters? - 9:16
    Would you rather fist fight 25 Chihuahua sized Fallout 3 Deathclaws or 25 Fallout 3 Deathclaw sized Chihuahuas? - 9:50
    Do you do YouTube as a hobby or as a full-time job? - 10:15
    Can you beat Skyrim with your hands bound? - 10:53
    How many more times are you going to beat any of the Fallout games? - 11:00
    What is a challenge that you haven’t done yet in your runs that you still think about doing? 11:14
    If you reach 250,000 subscribers will you make a 250,000 subscriber special and if you do can you say “So guys, we did it, we reached a quarter of a million subscribers”? - 11:35
    What was the first Bethesda game you played? - 11:49
    Would you rather go Super Saiyan 2 or Unlocked Potential? - 12:05
    Will you ever do a “Can You Beat Fallout 76” or “Can You Beat Fallout 76 Without” video? - 12:22
    Can you do a “Can You Beat Fallout 4 Without Taking Any Damage” run? - 12:53
    Who has the bigger gay, Preston Garvey or Preston Garvey? - 12:58
    What part of Michigan do you live in? - 13:05
    What’s your favorite animal? - 13:25
    Why are you so strangely attractive? - 13:31
    What’s your opinion on Fortnite? - 13:51
    Is it getting boring to play the same games over and over again, with only new challenges? - 13:55
    Cats or dogs? - 14:11
    Do you have any pets? - 14:16
    Why the name Mitten Squad, again? - 14:27
    If you ran a vault, what would your vault experiment be? - 14:31
    Why do you think Bethesda hasn’t released Fallout 4 on Nintendo Switch? - 15:03
    Is it possible to beat Fallout 4 without weapons? - 15:35
    Do pineapples belong on pizza? - 15:52
    Where do you see your channel going and how do you feel about Fallout 76? - 15:57
    What do you think is next for the Fallout series now that Fallout 76 has been released? - 16:57
    What is your favorite weapon in Fallout history, or any video game? - 17:27
    Would you rather date a person who is a convicted killer or date someone who eats pineapple on their pizza? - 17:51
    Are you gay? - 18:13
    Do you watch online video? - 18:16
    What is your favorite childhood game and TV show? - 18:22
    How old are you? - 18:42
    Why did you choose Fallout? - 18:46
    Why aren’t there any vehicles in any of the Fallout games? - 18:51
    Who are you? Why are you in my recommended? - 19:16
    Why does it hurt when I pee? - 19:28
    What do you think of Elder Scrolls? Will you ever make any videos about Elder Scrolls? - 19:36
    Have you ever thought about making videos with other people? - 20:38
    What are your favorite sports teams? - 21:05
    If you weren’t doing YouTube, where would you work? - 21:17
    Have you ever thought about making Let’s Plays in any of the Fallout games? - 21:35
    Are you a fellow Michigander? - 21:54
    What if your channel got deleted? - 21:59
    Boxers or briefs? - 22:09
    What is your profile picture? - 22:15
    Why am I f*cking alive? - 22:30
    Why do you never play as a female? - 22:37
    If Piper and Preston were men, what would their names be? - 22:46
    Is Ryan Reynolds the best actor? - 22:54
    When are you going to make another Fallout video? - 23:00
    Peanut butter or jelly? - 23:11
    Croissants or bagels? - 23:18
    Do you peel or chomp string cheese? - 23:27
    Who is the most annoying NPC in any Fallout game? - 23:34
    What do your parents think of you? - 23:44
    Can you play Halo? - 23:52
    How many times have you beaten Fallout 3 and New Vegas? - 24:09
    What do you think about the hate Fallout 76 gets? - 24:18
    Will you ever do videos about Fallout 1 or Fallout 2? - 24:38
    Is there a video you’ve been putting off because it’s too painful? - 24:57
    PS4 or Xbox One? - 25:14
    How long does it take you to do your playthroughs of Fallout 3, 4, and New Vegas? - 25:23
    Do you know how to where the under when we aren't almost please? - 25:39
    What will you do with your life when there aren’t any more Fallout games? - 25:47
    Do you play Minecraft? - 25:53
    Can you do a backflip? - 26:14

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