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    Hey guys, once again I'm back with a new dance choreography. This time to Tiên Tiên's 3rd single Vi Toi Con Song - Cos I'm Still Alive
    This project was particularly challenging since the concept I first envisioned in my head prior to videoing was one which had acres of rich yellow autumn leaves as the background. We would be dancing between rows of trees as the sun ray shines gently down, highlighting the creases of our fabrics.

    But then, there was a thing called 'rain'...

    So immediately, the team diverted our concept to somewhere indoors and hence, we chose the school car park as a suitable alternative. Since the location changed, the whole concept changed with it. And before we knew it, we were street rats, stealing gym bags off people, dancing, finding the light, and eventually re-committing our lives to doing good for the society, such as waiting tables and flirting with the customers.

    I would like to thank Barney Yau and Joyce Chan from 1224 Design for your endless support for the channel. Especially, for this project, you ordered a brand new DJI Osmo camera from the US just so we can get awesome footage out of the day. I know you wanted the camera for the long term, but I would like to convince myself that you guys did it solely for this project and for me, so don't say anything. Let me be.
    Thank you Andy Tuan Anh for stepping up to take on more responsibility for this project. Before, it was Xavier who had to help me teach and drill the routine into your head. Now, going from an Analyst to becoming an Associate, you've helped a lot in teaching our new member the choreography. Good job!

    I am also fortunate to have people who have never danced in their entire life (let alone take part in a dancing video on YouTube) trust me to teach them from scratch. Either you're a fast learner Tuan Khai Dao, or I'm an excellent teacher (more inclined to believe the latter), but you've managed to learn the dance in no more than two weeks. No dancing background. Naturally shy. Never been on YouTube. And two weeks?!

    Lastly, I'd also like to thank Han N Duong for going to the gym, Vu Vuong for the jacket (!?), and Xavier Garralda for leading Danger so we knew about the car park as a potential videoing location lol

    That's all for now. Enjoy the video. Next video will prolly be another half-a-year or possibly a year. I'm very drown in studies and work, so yeah :(

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    1 năm ra video một lần nên bà con ủng hộ chút chút nhé :3

    Cho dự án lần này, ban đầu ý tưởng concept của cả video hoàn toàn khác với những gì các bạn xem. Mình muốn nhảy 'Vì Tôi Còn Sống' trên một thảm lá vàng mùa thu ở gần trường - rụng nhiều lắm, đẹp lắm! Tuy nhiên, thời tiết hôm đấy không cho phép. Mưa tầm tã đã khiến cả nhóm phải trốn ẩn trong nhà gửi xe của trường. Và vì thế concept của video thay đổi 180 độ. Kết luận là điểm 10 cho flexibility!

    Cảm ơn các bạn đến từ 1224 Design và Vietsoc Warwick đã bỏ thời gian làm trò trong nhà gửi xe cuối tuần rồi với tôi. Ngoài ra một lần nữa gửi lời cảm ơn đến Tiên Tiên đã truyền cảm hứng yêu đời qua ca khúc lần này!



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