• A Testimony of Deliverance, Derek Prince - Spiritual Housecleaning

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    A reading from Derek Prince's book entitled: "They Shall Expel Demons", in a chapter where he shares his honest testimony in his victory over depression.

    Through this valuable testimony, no matter what 'battle' you are in, this will help you understand how vitally important it is to not only intake the Word of God, but that in being a 'doer' of the Word as well, you are well equipped to overcome by using the Word as the powerful 'Sword of the Spirit' that it is!

    Going deeper into Spiritual Housecleaning? Visit the Full Playlist Here:

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    Interested in Derek Prince's powerful book?:

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    "Better Luck Tomorrow"
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  • Bible Promises Spoken Play all

    The Promises of God bring us life, direction and hope. www.hearingGod.tv presents an audible, spoken word, of bible promises by topic on YouTube. Feel free to create playlists in your areas of need and play them over and over--sinking the word of God into your spirit, while you surf the web or multi-task.
    Bless you as your mind is conforming to Christ, your faith is fed, and the Word of God is being made manifest within you. It shall not return void!
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  • Spiritual Housecleaning Series Play all

    With more given, more is required. As we grow in the anointing, we find ourselves needing more of Him and less of us. Sin becomes more evident and suddenly we begin to notice glaring defects in our character, bad habits and other issues that dont align with the Word of God. Despite repenting and honestly trying to change it seems we fall back into that pit... confused... What is wrong? Im standing on the Word of God, and yet it remains?! The enemy tries to get us to doubt the faithfulness of God and a battle ensues as we try to serve God and deal with our bad selves in a seeming merry-go-round of disappointing repetition. So whats the blockage? We know God IS Faithful... This series will help you ready your wedding attire.
    2Cor.7:1 "Having therefore these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all defilement of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God."
    For a free guide to go with the series: https://www.scribd.com/document/341444451/Spiritual-House...
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  • Baptism in the Holy Spirit & Gift of Tongues Edu Play all

    The baptism in the Holy Spirit is a separate experience beyond 'salvation' in Jesus Christ. Many denominations denounce the attributes of a Holy Spirit Baptism claiming, "It's not for today... it ended with the disciples"... and yet that view opposes what Jesus promised us when we would receive this second baptism, that we would receive POWER. Isn't it interesting that Jesus did no miracles before John the Baptist, baptized with water and at the same time Jesus received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit! It wasn't JUST a water baptism!
    Jesus asked the disciples to tarry...to go into Jerusalem and wait for the manifestation of this promised Power. Have you sought out...dug deeper...inquired of the Lord? You already have authority as a believer in Christ Jesus, but do you operate in His POWER? Where do 'greater works than these' come from? POWER. Educate yourself and ENTER IN to allllll that Messiah Jesus has for you. Let go of doctrines of man. Let opinions of man go by the wayside and consider the world around you and Jesus' words of promise. They shall not fail... the question is, is will we believe?
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  • Cults and Religious Bondage Play all

    Been in a cult or always around them? Is religious bondage of one sort or another always been in your life?
    Manipulated easily because of your zeal to Love and serve the Lord?

    I will share my testimony on these very things in a series that has a happy ending... Freedom... with no pain, hurt or regrets.... PEACE.

    In my personal story... the root of my cult meanderings was a 'spirit of Bondage'... this I will go into later in the series.... but a very important note to take, because whether you were IN a cult, or you know someone in one.... there are root spirits involved to consider and we cannot escape or truly break free if we only deal with things in the 'flesh'. Knowing the root and dealing with it can help you and those you love to heal the wounding associated with cult involvement--- and if you are reading this with pain in your heart... you know they are many!

    God bless you...and get excited...because my years of growth and learning will translate to hours until your victory dance!

    Episode 1...
    I share about my zeal in pursuing God at a young age by visiting a religious order of nuns in the Catholic Church and joining their aspirant program (first rung on the ladder in seeking a religious vocation).
    Even though I was lacking understanding in the Word, the Lord began to stir the Holy Spirit gift of discernment within me, to identify what was of His Spirit vs. a wrong one.

    Episode 2...
    'Red Flags' of:
    * spirit of manipulation
    * control
    * confirming bad fruit
    * Meeting with Elders if you were interested in someone, ie. a sort of prearranged marriage
    * Tons of 'functions' to keep you captive in the group
    * Many gender separation rules to ward off 'temptation' (though the leader obviously did not follow - hidden sexual sins)
    * Male-Female stereotypes that lessened women, yet the Elders wives exhibited a Jezebel puppet-mastery behind the scenes

    I also speak about the simplicity in knowing God with one's heart vs. knowing a whole lot of the 'Word' with no relationship or confirming reformed lifestyle.

    Episode 3...
    • cult/bondage #3 - internet cult!
    • cult jealousy
    • a right focus=blessing of anointing... a wrong one=sharing in the curse
    • excuses leaders make to justify bad fruit
    • what you submit to, rubs off on you!
    • being 'nice' by not correcting a leader drags you into their sin!
    • 'serving' a cult to one's own detriment

    Episode 4...
    • God can get in ANYwhere, so long as people desire Him
    • If you esteem a man/woman above the benchmark of the Word (and
    the urging of the Holy Spirit)... you inherit all of their spiritual garbage
    Leaders Justification of: • cursing • little white lies • pagan knowledge defilement • attacking/belittling others
    • Elitism
    • The enemy jumps into our wounds
    • Fear... the root of justification
    • Privacy invasion 101
    • Your money, to a bad cause
    • Spiritual Poison
    • Shawshank Redemption
    • Forgive them...
    • 'they are beloved'
    • the treasure upon escaping

    Episode 5 (Final)...
    • Warning of healing wounds so a false 'Righteous Indignation' doesn't spring up and push you into another bondage.
    • Prayer for Breaking Soul ties & ties to the 'Institution' (Cult) - in 'descriptions'
    • Prayer to Break a Spirit of Bondage (or other Spiritual vice) - in 'descriptions'

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  • I want to tell you about Jesus Play all

    Someone special wants to tell you about Jesus... so here he is! Never underestimate a child, for they point the way to heaven. Simple faith, simple messages... smiles and fun... our best and most profound ministers of the Gospel are children!

    Unrehearsed... uncoached... Drew sometimes get a burden to just share Jesus and what He's learning about the Kingdom.

    We hope you more than enjoy these... but that these precious messages are allowed to 'sink in'!

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