• Mother 3 Medley Redux - The Return of the Hero

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    0:00 Mom's Hometown
    1:16 Monkey's Delivery Service
    3:05 The Water's Great!
    3:52 As You Wish
    4:25 You Call this a Utopia?!
    5:04 Mr. Batty Twist
    5:32 Serious/Fate
    6:33 Strong One
    8:37 Sorrowful Tazmily
    9:52 Mother 3 Love Theme

    Seriously though, wow, it's been a year since we posted our big Mother 3 medley, back on August 25th 2013. (Gerudo Valley doesn't count because it was a pile of wank). And we never imagined we'd get this far or even manage to put out a cover roughly every two weeks for a year, and end up with 430 subscribers. Or participate in an awesome charity album! We've had so many cool things happen and spoken with awesome people. So yeah, here's to more of that :)

    Hopefully you can forgive us for the delay with this cover. Going away on holiday for a month really threw our whole routine out of the window and this was such a massive project too. We really wanted to get it out on the day of the channel's anniversary. The Mother 3 medley is what we've always considered to be one of our proudest achievements and so it seemed obvious that we'd have to "update" it one day to show all the progress we've made!

    To that end, we re-did the "orchestration" of every single song, looking at all the problems (and there were many!) in the first medley and trying to fix all of them. The biggest of these was His Highness' Theme, supposed to be epic but falling somewhat flat. Uninspired by that arrangement, we decided to change things up and put in You Call This a Utopia?! instead. That one was a ton of fun to do, and we used the 8-bit guitar sound again!

    All the songs have undergone pretty huge changes so it'd be futile to try and mention them all. But the general gist of things is that we added pads, rewrote all the bass and drums, used our new sounds and mixing skills, gave every song more elements and tightened up all the transitions!

    We really hope you guys enjoy this medley as we've been pouring our hearts and souls into this thing for a good few weeks! The mix in particular was a grueling process, with 42 tracks and so... many... automations...

    Anyway, thanks for a great year in an awesome community and here's to more videos!

    Anne-Sophie says:

    I hope you all enjoy this special medley, because it means a lot to us. Joshua and I played Mother 3 together last summer, and that's how we decided to start the channel. It was also fun to re-learn the songs I'd been working on for ages last summer and see how easy everything seems now. But this is all thanks to you guys, because we would never have got this far without all your comments, support and tips on mixing.

    Now, story time! Last year, when we were ready to record, Joshua's amp broke so we had to postpone it for a while. Then, my computer broke so I couldn't edit the video. In the end, I used Joshua's computer to do it. However, another issue came up : Vegas 9 was incompatible with Windows 7, and it kept crashing. After spending over 8 hours editing, I was zombified but it was finally time to render the video. Except Vegas wouldn't export the full video. When it finally worked, we realised I'd forgotten to mute the raw videos and I had to export the 13 minutes medley over again.

    I thought we were cursed and that the same would happen this year, but everything worked smoothly and perfectly. While you watch the video, keep in mind that my goal was to make the viewers cry. Let me know if I succeeded. Thank you!

    Things we used:
    Bass: Fender Standard Jazz MIM
    Guitar: Fender Telecaster FMT HH
    Acoustic Guitar: Takamine EG320SC
    Keyboard: Yamaha MM6
    Piano: Piano One
    Drums: Shortcircuit
    Glockenspiel: Sonor NG 30 Soprano
    Tambourine: Millenium
    Egg Shaker: LP Music
    Bass Amp: Marshall MB4410
    Guitar Amp: Marshall MG100
    Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i4
    Microphone: Audiotechnica AT2020
    Camera: Canon Powershot SX600
    Guitar Pedals: ProCo RAT2, Zvex Fuzz Factory, TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb
    Bass Pedals: Electro-Harmonix Octave Multiplexer

    Recorded, mixed and mastered in Cubase AI 5. Video edited in Sony Vegas Movie Studio 12. Footage from Chuggaaconroy's Let's Play of Mother 3. Show less
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