• Watsky- Brave New World ft. Chaos Chaos [x Infinity]

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    Director—Carlos López Estrada

    Brave New World written by George Watsky and Kush Mody
    Produced by Kush Mody
    Bass—Kurt Blankenship
    Drums—Chukwudi Hodge
    Choir—Taylor DiBernardo, Amrita Newton, Jada Banks-Mace, Katheryne Penny, Aliysa Shareef & India Carney
    Mixed by Andrew Oedel
    Mastered by Howie Weisenberg & Gentry Studer

    Video producer—Kimberly Stuckwisch
    Director of photography—Albert Salas
    Executive producers—Ian Blair & Kimberly Stuckwisch for DIKTATOR
    Executive producers—Corinna Martínez & Alonso Mejía Silva for Contenido Neto Producciones

    VFX Supervisor/Lead VFX Artist—Jordan Allen
    Additional VFX—Tim Hendrix & Tanner Merrill
    Editor—Taylor Brusky
    Production designer—Fernanda Guerrero
    Special FX—Jordan Allen
    Sound design—Michael O’Connor

    1ST AD— Elena Fajardo
    Production manager— Hernán Mejía Silva
    Production coordinator— Karina Lozano Salazar
    1st AC—Miguel Argumedo
    2nd AC—Antonio Torres
    Video assist—Daniel Campos Garro
    Video assist assistant—Brayan Alexis Torres Calamateos
    Data managers—Edwin Esmeral & Karla Torrero Russo
    Producer’s assistant—Tim Ferrari
    PA’s—Avelino Lugo Martínez & Irving Riojas
    Runner—Ximena Delgado
    Locations manager—Ricardo Ramírez
    Locations assistant—Carlos Olvera

    Makeup artist—Sandra Miguelli
    Makeup assistant—Zelene Fernández
    Wardrobe design & stylist—Fernanda Vélez
    On-set assistant—Carmen Delfín

    Gaffer—Armando “Conejo” Herrera
    Staff—Israel Herrera, Karim Alarcón Ayala & Arturo Martínez
    Techno crane operators—Fernando Salazar, Ricardo Rojas & Ismael Díaz
    Generator op—Víctor Cañada Mercado
    Gear truck op—Agustín Rosales
    Gear truck assistant—Francisco Galán
    Dimmer op—Rubén Fuentes
    Lights op—Luis Bernal
    Dolly op—Fernando Castillo
    Truss rigger—Alberto Betanzos
    Lead man—Fernando Gómez
    Decorator—Alberto Guerrero
    Swing—Jorge Villafuerte

    Transportation services—Santiago Ayala Ramírez
    Drivers—Luis Enrique Morales & Carlos García
    Security—Omar Cuadra
    Catering by Sopa de Letras—Guadalupe De Luis Gonzalez, Yolanda Villeda, Concepción Maxtha, Antonio Maxtha & Samantha Jimenez

    Brave New World
    Seven trumpets!

    Verse 1
    Easy, with a ballot, we can put a reality TV personality in DC
    Speak free if you can see how this delicate fucking matter developed but man it beats me
    (Oh my goooooood!)
    two fleets keep peace on the mean streets
    one treats brown people like they’re beastly
    nothing like the force that police me
    (that’s so odd!)
    what’s the fate of the species?
    get a metal plate and then mate with the PCs
    or retreat back to a monkey chucking feces?
    (What’s the deal?)
    wanna ease this pain
    different than the BC years
    now we Bcc Jesus on the email chain
    Way too many threats to flee
    way too many heads to feed
    Not too many beds to sleep
    chief said that it was best you leave
    F-U please to the refugees
    And it’s seeming like it’s every other day that I been tugging at my collar thinking “damn it’s toasty”
    where did all the people at the supermarket go that used to scan my groceries?
    Vanished mostly
    And wassup with all the homies in the camo and the ammo with the rifles on their shoulder walking through the city thinking that they’re Annie Oakley?
    That’s quite enough
    but this shit is fucking unbelievable
    I swear you couldn’t write this this stuff

    Everywhere that I stare
    You couldn’t write this shit, no
    Every minute, deeper in it
    Another fantasy is brought to life
    Everywhere that I stare
    (Science Fiction!)
    You couldn’t write this shit, no
    Every minute, deeper in it
    And now I never get surprised

    Verse 2
    Young George Jetson stepping up in this motherfucker gripping a butcher knife hoping I can cut the chord
    Where the horde is plugged to the motherboard
    That is not a legitimate hoverboard
    (shit’s got wheels!)
    I Iook at the sky saying “my god run!”
    Life’s heavier than an ipod one
    My twitter ain’t gonna matter when the tripods come
    (Let’s get real!)
    From the hieroglyphs to the crowded malls
    Never mind if, but the how it falls
    I’m vibing out watching Ow! My Balls
    (Oh yeaaaaa)
    core defects tend to wreck my sleep
    the quest to be more perfect than Ford Prefect
    while I’m dreaming of Electric Sheep
    Cause Soylent Green is people
    resistance is just futile
    Pop a red pill and a blue pill and I dilate my pupils
    Moving light speed
    we all got vile needs
    living is a violent deed
    spread my soul like Wild Seed
    Why would it be any wonder I act weird?
    I’m trying to find out who the fuck I am while looking in a cracked Black Mirror
    You got a finish that you thought about?
    How this is gotta bottom out?
    You wanna flee the reaper but they’re bombing the city and the single haven to creep in is the slaughterhouse Show less
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