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  • Europe Parkour Tour 2015! #HelmsDeeper

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    Support the documentary this trip was for, and that I will be featured in! Any donation helps loads for all the effort and work we put into making this video and the full parkour documentary coming out this summer!

    Well, I’m back from Europe!
    After spending a month traveling through Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and England, I got back home and got started on an edit from the footage I captured. I had great times with so many people, and it's always nice seeing old friends and meeting new ones! We went out almost every day to capture footage for the documentary, jamming and training with tons of world class parkour and freerunning athletes. This was such an adventure and I felt drained most of the time from the sheer amount of training I was doing (Compared to my usual once a week training) along with daily miles of walking, random injuries, and a lack of quality sleep. Regardless I still had the time of my life, traveling with My APEX Movement Pro team members Brandon Douglass, Dylan Baker, and Amos Rendao the entire time, and joining up with good friends Max Henry, Callum Powell and Kie Willis along the way.
    I got to experience a multitude of parkour parks, renowned jam spots, and culture shock.
    I had the pleasure of training with some of the best practitioners parkour knows, (Such as Alex Schauer, Joel Eggiman, Pip Andersen, Phil Doyle, Oliver Thorpe, Juho Kuusisaari, Lavdrim Elmazi, Joe Hougaard, Sacha Powell, Greg Eckels, Marcus Zyrken Gustaffsson, and countless others.)
    I had been waiting for an opportunity to go on a Europe parkour trip and I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome of this one. Hopefully this video captures at least a small fraction of the fun I had, because it was an experience I will cherish for years to come. Travel is one of the best ways to put your life into perspective, no matter what background you come from, I'd heavily advise finding a means to do it.

    Special Thanks To everyone who offered their hospitality, and those who helped host us during the trip (Juho Kuusisaari, Martin Kallesøe, Ludwig Borgkvist, The Powell brothers, Neil Tetnioc, and Kie Willis)
    I am forever grateful and you all have a place to stay if you ever find yourselves in Colorado.

    Please support the documentary if you can, It means a lot to us and I promise you won’t regret it!

    Thanks so much,

    Go on and get out there.

    -Dante Show less
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      Support the documentary this trip was for, and that I will be featured in! Any donation helps loads for all the effort and work we put into making this video and the full parkour documentary coming...
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      For licensing purposes contact:
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