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  • Maharishi explains: Vedic Pandits enliven Constitution of the Universe.

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    Maharishi Mahesh Yogi describes to the World Press how the Vedic Pandit Programme enlivens the entire Constitution of the Universe through the phenomenon of Vedic Recitation. Originally broadcast on 16 March 2005.

    Question from the Press: Last week, Maharishi said that his programme to raise a nation to invincibility included training groups of local people from that country in the coherence-creating technologies of the Transcendental Meditation Programme and the Yogic Flying technique. Maharishi also spoke of strengthening the positive influence of these local experts with a group of specially trained Vedic Pandits who would come from India. What is the specialty of these Vedic experts? What will they do to create peace and invincibility that the local experts cannot do?'


    • Vedic Pandits have in their tradition committing the text of the Veda to memory. The text of the Veda is in the language of infinity, the language of eternity. It is the transcendental field of speech. The Vedic script, the Mantras of the Vedas, the melodies of the Vedas, and the composition of the Vedas are not man-made. They are the actuality of the ultimate reality, which is endowed with Total Knowledge and total organizing power and is at the basis of all that there is in the universe.

    • Universe we know is an ever-expanding, galactic universe. The physiology of the universe is ever expanding, expanding, expanding. The same thing we find that the physiology of anything is also expanding, expanding, expanding. Trees expand; the monkeys grow; from childhood, the man grows; everything grows, grows, grows. This ever-growing field is the field of intelligence. The whole of the Constitution of the Universe is in every point of this growth.

    • A point knows where it is going to grow next. Where it is going to grow? It is going to grow to unity. The seed knows where to grow. The whole tree grows—all these leaves and all—and ultimately becomes a seed again. From seed to seed—from the unmanifest hollowness of the seed to the unmanifest hollowness of the seed—is the growth of the seed.

    • Where is the growth of the seed? It is within itself. All the growth, means all knowledge and all dynamism, is within itself. Being within itself, the Constitution being within itself, the Creator is within itself, the creation is within itself, and the creative process is within itself. This is the Constitution of the Universe.

    •The Indian Vedic Pandits have a tradition to memorize. What do they memorize? One word, they repeat the word. Then they repeat two words, three words, four words, all sequentially growing—millions of words. They are all the expansion of the one little word, one little sound, "A".

    • This is a very special thing that has gone on from generation to generation all the time in the world. This is the specialty of India—"In". Just even in the word "in" is the secret of all life; "in" is the secret of all life. Life as spread outside is just for the children, but the reality of life, the maturity of life, is in, in, in

    • The recitation of the Veda is by the Vedic Pandits, whose tradition is to memorize the Veda from beginning to end. There are innumerable expansions of the Vedic Literature. They read it. There is a class of people, the Vedic Pandits, who memorize the Vedic structure—the Constitution of the Universe. They do it in their own fully developed consciousness.

    • There are seven states of consciousness which we have been teaching for all these years. Dr Hagelin has summarized this in terms of the modern language of the Unified Field. The whole knowledge is completely in the transcendental field. That is the eternal, immutable, self-sustaining, self-referral Unified Field.

    • The other values are everywhere else in all other countries. All people can rise to Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, God Consciousness, Unity Consciousness—all the seven states of consciousness. But the speech as such belongs to the oral tradition of the Vedic Pandits. When they chant together, then they are reverberating. They are creating those waves, as when you put a stone in water and waves spread all over. The recitation of the Vedic Pandits is a phenomenon which enlivens the entire Constitution of the Universe in every point of the universe. It is a huge science, it's a huge science. Show less
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