• Anime in 2016 Part 1 - Winter/Spring

    540,754 views 1 month ago
    It's that time of the year again! Today I recap all the best, worst and weridest moments of the winter and spring anime season in 2016!

    Anime Mentioned:

    ERASED/Boku dake ga Inai Machi
    Dagashi Kashi
    Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri S2
    Dimension W
    Grimgar of the Fantasy and Ash
    Myriad Colors Phantom World
    My Hero Acedemia/Boku no Hero Acedemia
    Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
    Mayoiga/Lost Village
    Sakamoto desu ga/Haven't You Heard I'm Sakamoto
    Pheonix Wright
    JoJo's Bizzare Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable

    Edited by: Bakashift
    Additional voices by: Viewtiful Valentine

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    • How Good Is: SAO The Movie - Ordinal Scale? - Duration: 8 minutes, 57 seconds.

      • 3 hours ago
      I got the chance to see the new Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale in asia before it's wide release in the west, so as no one else on YouTube has had a chance to speak about it yet, I thought I could ...
    • How to FIX Live Action Anime Adaptations - Duration: 13 minutes.

      • 1 week ago
      With the new Live Action Ghost in the Shell round the corner, I take this oppertunity to address what needs to be done for us to get a GOOD Live Action Anime adaptation.

      Edited by: Bakashift

    • If Anime Studios Were People - Duration: 6 minutes, 59 seconds.

      • 3 weeks ago
      In a time of Anime crisis, MADHOUSE calls an emergency Anime Studios meeting in order to think up new, original ideas for anime.

      Written by Gigguk
      Visuals by OtakuVS
      Channel: https://www.youtube.c...
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    • Your Waifu Doesn't Love You - Duration: 6 minutes, 53 seconds.

      • 1 month ago
      A Sentient AI program discovers what it means to be a Waifu, and through the process learns the long and confusing world of Anime Waifus

      Waifubot: Sydsnap

      I wanted to try something a bit differen...
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    • Why Isn't Sword Art Online Dead Already?! - Duration: 15 minutes.

      • 1 month ago
      Look how original, another SAO video. Don't worry, I'm not bashing it this time, today I take a closer look at why Sword Art Online is still so relevant today, and how anime can get popular in the ...
    • Anime Awards 2016 in a Nutshell - Duration: 6 minutes, 26 seconds.

      • 1 month ago
      So Crunchyroll hosted an Anime Awards to showcase the best of Anime in 2016 and it was hilarious, for all the wrong reasons. This is an (accurate) account of what happened.

      Patreon: http://www.Pat...
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    • Anime in 2016 Part 2 - Summer/Fall - Duration: 15 minutes.

      • 1 month ago
      THE CURSE IS BROKEN! Today, I am proud to present to you, Part 2 of the best and worst of anime in 2016...before the year is up.

      Anime Mentioned:
      BERSERK 2016
      Mob Psycho 100
      Sweetness and Lightni...
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    • Anime in 2016 Part 1 - Winter/Spring - Duration: 12 minutes.

      • 1 month ago
      It's that time of the year again! Today I recap all the best, worst and weridest moments of the winter and spring anime season in 2016!

      Anime Mentioned:

      ERASED/Boku dake ga Inai Machi
      Dagashi Kas...
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    • The Perfect Anime - Duration: 8 minutes, 4 seconds.

      • 2 months ago
      I watched Kimi no Na Wa in theatres and it made me feel strange things. So I decided to write another brain fart and see where it took me. This is the result.
      Patreon: http://www.Patreon.com/Gigguk...
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    • If Anime Descriptions Were Accurate - Duration: 8 minutes, 21 seconds.

      • 2 months ago
      What if anime descriptions actually told you what you really need to know about an anime? Well, here ya go. Don't forget to give me you best description to your favourite shitty waifu.

      Patreon: ht...
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    • Why Naruto DOES have some of the Best Fights in Anime - Duration: 10 minutes.

      • 2 months ago
      Welcome to the first episode of every frame a Naruto, as you thought I wasn't being genuine in my last video. This video is not sponsored.

      Patreon: http://www.Patreon.com/Gigguk
    • CODE GEASS SEQUEL WHAT?! - Duration: 4 minutes, 40 seconds.

      • 2 months ago
      Don’t ask me which parts of this video were my genuine thoughts cause even I don’t know anymore. Spoilers for Code Geass in this video

      Patreon: http://www.Patreon.com/Gigguk
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