• Starcraft II: Montage

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    We are about creating Starcraft II videos dedicated to build orders, commentaries, cool plays, unique builds, tips, tricks, tutorials and more!

    bat - Firebat
    bay - Engineering bay
    bc - Battlecruiser
    BGH - Big Game Hunters
    bioball - a cluster of terran biological units
    bling - Baneling
    bm - Bad manners
    bnet - Battle.net
    bnetx - B.net:X, the 'private' PGTour server
    bo - Build order
    bs - Backstab
    bser - Backstabber
    bw - Brood War
    cc - Command center
    Cannon Whore - Used to refer to a player who masses large amounts of static defense, particularly photon cannons
    car - Carrier
    ceptor - Interceptor
    cheese - any kind of early all-in attack or proxy that will either win the game or lose the game
    choke - the narrow entrance to ones base
    chon - Archon
    compstomp - A game name to describe a situation where the human players outnumber and are against the computer player(s) for easy wins
    cr - Cannon Rush
    crackling - Zergling with both spawning pool upgrades
    D - Defense
    da - Dark archon
    def - Defense / Defiler
    depot - Supply depot
    dra - Hydralisk
    drop - The act of a shuttle, dropship, or overlord unloading units inside an opponents base, mainly to get one's mins.
    dt - Dark templar
    'Doom' Drop - Special type of drop in which a zerg player loads 50-60 zerglings/cracklings inside 8-9 overlords, then performs the drop
    dd - Don't die
    dl - Download - Referring to downloading a map in a game
    east - USEast
    eco/econ - Economy
    expo - Expansion
    ebay - Engineering bay
    eyes - detector
    fact - Factory
    fast/fastest - Fastest Map Possible
    fbat - Firebat
    fmp - Fastest Map Possible
    fort - Planetary fortress
    Food - Another way of saying ones supply count
    gas - Vespene gas
    gate - Gateway
    GG - A term meaning "Good Game" it usually means surrender in StarCraft tournaments.
    gold - Another term for minerals (especially high-yield minerals, possibly originates from Warcraft)
    gols - Goliaths
    goon - Dragoon
    gosu - Superior StarCraft player.
    guards - Guardians
    gl hf - good luck have fun (typically said at match start)
    hasu - StarCraft player of below-average skill.
    hatch - Hatchery
    High Temp/HT/Temp High templar
    high yield - Gold Minerals
    hydra - Hydralisk
    ""jay"" - A strong rush of brood lords
    ling - Zergling
    lot - Zealot
    lurk - Lurker
    LT - Lost Temple
    M&M - A combination of marines and medics
    M3/MMM - A combination of marines, marauders, and medivacs
    M4/MMMM - A combination of marines, marauders, medivacs, and widow mines
    macro - Macromanagement
    main - Starting nexus, hatchery, or command center
    mball - marine/marauder "ball"
    mc - Mind Control
    mech - Factory-built units
    micro - Micromanagement
    mins - Minerals
    MS - Mothership
    muta - Mutalisk
    natural/nat - Closest expansion to a player's main
    noob - Unskilled StarCraft player
    nrX - No Rush X Minutes (X can be mm [map max])
    nuke - A nuclear missile / Nuclear strike
    nuker - ghost
    obs/obz - Observer. Can refer to the actual unit (can be extended to include any detector) or a player observer who spectates on a game without participating.
    op - Over powered
    orb - Orbital command
    ore - Minerals
    ovie - Overlord
    oj - Orange (color)
    PF - Planetary fortress
    pool - Spawning pool
    port - Starport
    pp - pause
    pub - Noob
    Purp - The player color purple
    PvP - Commonly used in internet gaming to refer to a 'Player vs. Player' situation. More commonly used in StarCraft to refer to a protoss vs. protoss game or a Pick vs Pick game
    Ppl - People, mostly used in Roleplaying Maps
    PvT - Protoss vs. Terran
    PvZ - Protoss vs. Zerg
    ran - Terran
    rax - Barracks
    rine - Marine
    rine whore - someone who masses only marines
    rj - Rejoin
    rm/re - Remake
    robo - Robotics facility
    rvr - Random vs Random
    rp - A Roleplaying map
    Sair - Corsair
    sc - StarCraft
    scd - Starcraft Dream
    Sci/SV - Science vessel
    sd - Supply depot
    simcity - Building your base so that the buildings are in extremely
    zlot / lot / zeal / zs - Zealot
    ZvT - Zerg vs Terran
    ZvP - Zerg vs Protoss

    starcraft II heart of minerals masters ranked ranking ladder helion marines medivac marauder diamond platinum bronze husky apollo day9 magnet the swarm wings liberty tutorials gameplay build orders how-to commentary commentaries apollosc2 sc2 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 ffa gold silver grand timing push rush protoss terran zerg strategy best opener opening help tutorial order 2015 funny videos cursing running yelling messing with people in public newest safest easiest Show less
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      We are about creating Starcraft II videos dedicated to build orders, commentaries, cool plays, unique builds, tips, tricks, tutorials and more!

      bat - Firebat
      bay - Engineering bay
      bc - Batt...
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