• Explore hidden Netflix categories with this Chrome extension

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    Did you know Netflix actually has a whole lotta content you may never see?

    Netflix is a BIG place, and only getting bigger by the day. When you browse by category in Netflix, you get what looks like a pretty good selection. Until you go through it night after night and soon you feel like you’ve exhausted the content on Netflix. Like you’ve watched EVERYTHING they have. Ever feel like that?

    For goodness sake, I barely watch Netflix and I FEEL like that sometimes! I look and I’m like… there’s nothing to watch. Just like my closet! There’s nothing to wear!

    Well, just like my closet, there’s PLENTY to wear… there’s PLENTY to watch on Netflix. In fact, there are over 76,000 options. Just gotta find the right one!

    There’s a Chrome browser extension called Netflix Categories that brings all those little categories, where you might find some really good movies, to the front and center instead of buried deep.

    Then you can bookmark your favorite new selection of categories! Over 200 categories. Deekshith, the creator, is always working towards finding and adding more, too!

    And by the way… when you’re not using it, it’s not taking up precious system resources. Because it doesn’t run in the background. Yay!

    Have fun browsing! Leave a comment and tell me … what’s your favorite category?

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      Did you know Netflix actually has a whole lotta content you may never see?

      Netflix is a BIG place, and only getting bigger by the day. When you browse by category in Netflix, you get what looks l...
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