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  • REVIEW: Periscope Live Streaming Mobile App

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    Periscope is the talk of the year! Or at least the month. Or... maybe the week.


    It's ALL the rage right now! In fact, live streaming mobile apps have birthed a new life and found their place in the world.

    What does it mean for YOU? How can you use it to better your life?

    A few years ago, Qik and Justin.tv played with the concept of streaming live video on your mobile device. Bandwidth limits, combined with the lack of ubiquity of mobile devices, meant that it was a cool, techie thing, but couldn't get much traction.

    Now, everyone and their grandmother has a smart device, and 4G gives us enough bandwidth to make it possible to take your online community WITH you wherever you go!

    THAT's the beauty of mobile livestreaming apps. The ability to have immediate interaction and communication with your family or friends or followers. We live in an age where people want and expect instant gratification! With apps like Periscope, you can get just that, whether you're a "broadcaster" or a "viewer".

    Periscope vs Hang With vs Meerkat
    Periscope isn't the only option out there. We always encourage you to try all options, so you can see where the benefits are for you and your lifestyle, but that's kind of what we're here for, too... to narrow down the options, right? :)

    For us, Meerkat and Hang With didn't even rank because we had such trouble using them. They just weren't user-friendly at all, so we chose to focus on Periscope, which has been a great experience!

    It's a pretty simple interface. You don't get a ton of options, which makes it easy to use. Given that it's a very new app, I expect they'll add more features as time goes on. I'm hoping that since Twitter's done a pretty good job at keeping their interface simple-enough (and Twitter owns Periscope), that they'll keep this app clutter-free as well.

    You log into your account, and before going live, choose your "topic" or "tweet" to let everyone know what to expect! It'll automatically let your followers know that you're live, and people will start to join in for the fun (assuming your follower base is available and paying attention).

    As they do join, you'll get notifications on the screen about who's joining, and then you'll see their chat messages.

    On the bottom right side of the screen, you can see the running total of how many people are watching. When the viewers tap their screen, they send "hearts" your way. Think of these as a Facebook Like or a Google+ +1... it's their way of telling you they like what you're doing! The more hearts you get, the better your stream is.

    It can be a little deceiving, since people really like to just create hearts a lot when they're learning the interface because it's fun and addicting! So ask your viewers questions to gauge interest, and don't rely solely on the hearts! Just a suggestion. :)

    The most useful feature, in order to share your experience fully, is the ability to change cameras from the front or rear camera while you're live. That gives you the ability to share what YOU'RE seeing while YOU still get to watch the chatroom.

    Once you're done with the stream, pull down on your video and stop the broadcast. You'll get analytics about your stream (total viewer count, the time watched and how many hearts you racked up).

    Wish List
    It's new, and not perfect, but it's addicting! I look forward to a couple updates to make it a better overall experience!

    Stability: Sometimes broadcasts drop connection, and it doesn't seem to be tied to the actual 4G or WiFi connection of the broadcaster.
    Moderating Capabilities: Only you can block/ban/mute a user who's misbehaving. Viewers can do so, but it'll only mute the person causing trouble for THEM, not the rest of the room. You, as a broadcaster, can't always do the moderating yourself, so it'd be nice to have the ability to assign moderators who can look after your community! Let's face it, people gonna hate....
    LANDSCAPE! Being able to turn your camera into landscape mode is a promised feature, and it can't come soon enough!
    Give it a try and share your life moments with your friends and family... and heck, maybe you'll even be able to find some new friends online too!

    You can participate in our streams:

    - Geeks Life (@AcademyOfGeeks)
    - Luria Petrucci

    We look forward to hanging out with you!

    Periscope on the iTunes App Store - http://gogeek.co/hYoU1

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