Gayle Miller

  • Dark Waters & Rise of the Ornia

    264 views 1 year ago

    Meet Malichi the demon hunter as he pursues a young Amalyian woman across ancient lands in his quest for justice.

    Demon hunter Malichi travels across a simple land while on a quest to bring a young woman to justice. When he meets Xavier, a young man who is on a quest of his own he decides to team up. As they continue on their journey they discover a ruined village where the inhabitants are far from dead. With shapeshifters emerging from the ruins Malichi and Xavier prepare to fight. Meanwhile, the young woman, Amelia, who has been tracking Malichi plans her revenge, but when the trail she has been following turns cold she takes her true form and seeks her leader's help. Will justice or revenge prevail?


    In the dark fantasy sequel to Dark Waters an unexpected visitor turns up in Ashbrook, bloody and dangerously close to death with an urgent message for Malichi. As Malichi sets out in search of answers he comes across a new breed of shapeshifter, more dangerous and bloodthirsty than any he has encountered before. Outnumbered and with nowhere to run, he prepares for the worst. Fortunately, an old friend comes to his rescue and together they ward off the shapeshifters. Upon discovering that the giant shapeshifters are a legendary race that are out for vengeance, Malichi and friends head off on a quest to find the legendary gauntlet of light, a weapon forged in the heat of battle with the power to destroy the Ornia once and for all. Show less
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