• Bass Lesson - Mueva Los Huesos

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    I enjoy playing this Latin-style music because it combines interesting melodic passages with clever rhythmic and supportive ensemble parts, and opportunity to improvise in support of the groove.
    In response to a request from Ekerette Uko, here is a track called Mueva Los Huesos or ‘Move Your Body’. It was written by Gordon Goodwin, an American pianist, composer and arranger and played by the Big Phat Band. The style is a Latin-American groove I would describe as being in the tradition of the big bands. It is jazz-influenced and has a childlike almost naive cheerfulness. The style has a mixture of very tight sectional phrases played by the brass and saxophones, with a guitar and bass in the rhythm section and I think three drummers playing a complex layered line. There are also solos for soprano saxophone, trumpet and percussion.

    The thing about playing with brass players is they are very much into rhythmic precision making sure that the players synchronise their articulations, staccato, legato, marcato, breathing, tone, and dynamics. This presents some challenges for the bass because it is slow to speak as they say and most players would as in this video opt for a bright trebly sound in this case focused on the bridge pickup.

    This tune was on the programme of a show I played with the West City Jazz Orchestra in West Auckland 25th March 2017. Show less
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  • River Of Life (2013) Play all

    Original Music by Stephen Galvin.
    River Of Life: The YouTube album 0f 2013.
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  • Guitar Lessons Auckland Parnell Guitar Studio Play all

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  • The Russian Club Play all

    Selected videos of memorable performances from the Stevie G band with guests at The Russian Club.
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  • The Residentz - Auckland-Based Guitar Trio - Jazz and Contemporary Play all

    The Residentz - Auckland-Based Guitar Trio. Jazz and Contemporary

    Seriously Good Music

    This playlist features mostly live performances of the Residentz Guitar Trio and guests.
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  • Santiago Band Auckland Play all

    Música Latina Para el Nuevo Milenio
    Latin Music for the New Millenium

    The Santiago Band: Auckland's authentic Latin Music Trio specialising in Latin styles and sung in Spanish and English.


    Fernando Onate guitarrista and cantante (singer) started his journey in Santiago, Chile and settled in New Zealand after stints with the Vertiente band in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Deeply influenced by blues guitarist Carlos Santana and the music of Chile, Onate learnt his craft playing the Latin music styles: Samba, Bossa-Nova, Guajira, Bolero and his native Zamacueca. Arriving in Auckland in the 1990's he established the Santiago brand, building a following in the Spanish-speaking population and crucially young dancers wanting to step the salsa with a live band. Based from Swashbucklers a restaurant/venue in Auckland's Freemans Bay near the harbour bridge and the Mexican Cafe downtown the band developed a following and branched out to perform throughout New Zealand festivals such as the Waiheke and Tauranga Jazz festivals, private shows with Sir Peter Blake and Team New Zealand, the Otago Festival, with a varied band of up to eight pieces playing weddings, cafes, parties and anywhere Latin music could celebrate its ritmo, its rhythmic drive.

    As is the case with so many artists Fernando took a break from Santiago to spend time with family in 2016 and re-launched the new version Santiago Band Auckland in early 2018 with multi-instrumentalist Stephen Galvin and Latin-music master Miguel Fuentes.

    Fuentes is no stranger to Latin music. In fact he is about as 'Latin music' as you can be. Latin music is in his bones and in his well-developed powerful hands so necessary for driving the conga and cajón. Originally a rock drummer he branched out into Latin styles in the 1970s, with the Puerto Rico Symphony, then with the house Orquestas in Puerto Rico's major hotels with artists such as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jnr, Peter Allen and Isaac Hayes. He also worked as a studio musician for The Sounds of Philadelphia with producers Dexter Wansel and Skip Scarborough. Fuentes can also be heard on on the syndicated tv series Sesame Street. He played in several touring shows with American artists Grover Washington Junior, Patti Labelle, George Benson and others before quitting the touring lifestyle and bringing his family to New Zealand. He was induced to stay after being offered the role of Musical Director in the Kantuta band, and playing local dates with jazz and contemporary musicians including Grant Chilcott and Nathan Haines. Any night of the week Fuentes is likely to be laying out the clave at any one of Auckland's Latin-themed venues such as Tasca in Newmarket, Besos Latinos in the CBD, Dos Amigos in Mission Bay, even Devonport's Esplanade Hotel. Wherever the clave is Fuente is there.

    Galvin plays bass, guitar, sings, and at various times has played drums, flute, saxophone and keyboards. Established in rock act Gratis Kinetic, then in backing bands in Queenstown and Christchurch he opened his teaching studio in 1984. Equally at home on stage, in his teaching/recording studio or in South Auckland high schools, he has taught music to thousands of Aucklanders and played in jazz and rock acts, music-theatre, churches, classical orchestra, classical guitar recitals, and big band jazz acts the Prohibition Big Band, and West City Jazz Orchestra. As resident bajista in the Santiago band he brings the depth of his musical insights to the fiesta of musical entertainment we call Música Latina.

    "The Santiago songlist has it all. From romantic ballads to the eminently danceable everything about the trio is confident, stylish and authentically connected."

    "Hearing this band at the Thirsty Dog on Sunday, I was impressed by their tight sound and choice of music. My girlfriend wanted to dance straightaway. Santiago is the real thing." – George Reid
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  • Thin White Line (2008) Play all

    Some time ago I taught Music at high school in Auckland. As part of the courses I taught songwriting and would often write short songs during a lesson to show some specific skill, chord progression, structure, instrumentation, harmony and the like. I thought I should actually produce an album of material and apply in a more practical way what we had studied in class. The album Thin White Line was the result. I wanted to write in a number of different styles, from Pop ballads, to Hip Hop, Metal, Rock, Reggae, New Age and others. The content is arguably and predictably 'teenage' although the songs pursue some adult themes as well.

    There are brief notes accompanying each song that may help to explain the genesis and production of these brief sound-worlds.
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  • Guitar Marathon

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  • Appreciation (2012) Play all

    Music by Stephen Galvin

    Dedicated to Natalia, Ruth, my family and friends.

    These songs are a musical journey in sound, in ideas, in singing, guitar and bass playing, the studio as a musical instrument, and of course the musicians I am privileged to work with.

    Many thanks to the students and their families who support my teaching studio. Thanks to Madison Cooper, Benedict Hagar, Adam Larsen and Trevor Thwaites for their superb musicianship. Much appreciated.

    Music is made in groups of people. Although the songs in this collection feature only a handful of musicians, the many musicians I meet and work with in my professional life; Take Three, The Prohibition Big Band, The Stevie G Band, The Sounz of Motown, Crystal Silence Jazz trio and my other musical activities have inspired them. All the brilliant music I hear on YouTube, television and in live performance.

    Our world in 2012 is growing quickly and as people move from place to place, from language to language and culture to culture, we communicate through many transactions every day. Music is something different. It brings us into harmony with ourselves, together and free to be who we are.

    I sincerely hope that the music of Appreciation will help to bring some of us into harmony. Thank you for listening.

    Appreciate it.
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