• Quaker Thought and Life Today: Behind the Scenes at Friends Journal

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    At Friends Journal, our focus is Quaker thought and life today. We are a monthly magazine devoted to communicating contemporary Quaker experience.

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    This video was created as a part of the QuakerSpeak project:

    Directed by Jon Watts


    Gabe Ehri
    What Quakers believe is that there is that of God in every person. There is the spark of the divine. And when you take that as a fact, as a basic principle of the Universe, it changes the way that you see life.

    Quaker Thought and Life Today: Behind the Scenes at Friends Journal

    What we do at Friends Journal is to show life through the perspective of people who are trying to live with that truth.
    What is Friends Journal?

    Gail Whiffen Coyle
    Friends Journal is an easy to read, beautifully designed publication for Quakers and for people interested in learning about Quakers.

    Gabe Ehri
    We publish in print 11 times a year and we publish pretty much continuously on FriendsJournal.org and on social media.

    What to Expect: Inside the Magazine

    I think what you can expect when you open up Friends Journal is to enter into a conversation with a community that is dealing with the toughest questions there are.

    Martin Kelley
    Stories of Friends from the past who did great things but also Friends now who are doing great things

    Patty Quinn
    A good, robust exchange of ideas in the articles but also in the Forum as well.

    Gail Whiffen Coyle
    Great stories, good writing, and new and different perspectives.

    Recent Issues to Check Out

    One of my favorite more recent issues is definitely the November 2013 issue on books and writing and not just because I’m on the cover but I just really like that collection of articles.

    Alla Podolsky
    I’m very partial to our first color issue because we wanted to do color so, so long. It was like a surge of creativity on all fronts. It didn’t just push the art department, it pushed everybody.

    Patty Quinn
    Actually a recent one, the concepts of God because its something that I give a lot of thought to.

    Jane Heil
    Because it broadens my perspective of how Quakers view God and its also a wonderful issue for me to circulate to my friends.
    Is Friends Journal for You?

    Martin Kelley
    You might be interested in Friends Journal if you are passionate about how faith and spirituality connect with both the larger world and your own personal way of being

    Gail Whiffen Coyle
    And also if you’re someone who enjoys reading, and not just Friends Journal articles, but books. I have to say that our books column that we put out every month is pretty great.

    Jane Heil
    If you’re looking to explore different faith traditions and how to deepen your own personal spirituality and those around you, Friends Journal will be a place to come to
    Friends Journal Online

    Martin Kelley
    Friends Journal online is everywhere that we think Friends might be, so we have FriendsJournal.org which is all of the articles, many of which are available for free.

    Jane Heil
    So feel free to visit our website, you can make connections to our YouTube channel, podcasts…

    Gail Whiffen Coyle
    If you’re a subscriber, you get full access to our archives, and actually the archives are one of my favorite parts about working here. It’s really cool to look back and see what people were writing about in the 1950s and ‘60s.
    How to Subscribe

    Gabe Ehri
    When you subscribe to Friends Journal, which you can do at FriendsJournal.org/subscribe, you get instant access - not only to the current issue but to every issue since 1955. You get a pdf version of the magazine every month that we let you know about by email, and you get the magazine delivered to your mailbox.

    Gail Whiffen Coyle
    We put a lot of work into each issue and we’re a small staff but we’re dedicated to producing high quality, professional, engaging content for our audience.

    Gabe Ehri
    Friends Journal has been in continuous publication since 1955 and I want it to be there for my children and for my grandchildren.

    Subscribing and engaging in becoming a part of this community is a really important part to help us continue to wrestle with these questions. Show less
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