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    An Immigrant's Tale The Immigrant's Tale An Immigrants Tale The Immigrants Tale: I spent 3 summers with Gramma, was told the bulk of this during those summers (and from my father), but it made no sense at the time. I couldn't identify with NYC, a Court of SVEA actor or much of anything else (I was a kid) I was being told, so to me it was just a wild story that sounded to fantastic to possibly be true. We pulled pictures out of a trunk once (the last summer), but they weren't in any order and again, nothing really made much sense to me. Since finding these pictures (now in a box), and being able to line them up in context and on a time line of when and how they happened - I now get it. Assembling the film I finally understand the totality of the monumental struggle they had in building what they did. I also understand the costs - you see them age rapidly, the loss of a sister and probably a lot more than I realize even now. As for the film - it really assembled itself by the lineup of pictures as if I were guided. There were unexplained occurrences: this all began with multiple dreams of Gramma telling me to look in the box (I had looked in it briefly when found, but the pictures on top were ours (my immediate family) and I thought it was simply Art/Betty Mattson photos and had put it up on a shelf), and upon getting it down and going through it, the bottom was stacks of vintage Mattson photos. Then I started having dreams of her telling me to "do something." So Connie and I started assembling this work. When it came time to find Anna's grave we parked, and walked straight to it - most would pass it off as circumstance, but I'm not so sure anymore. When assembling the film, Gramma's 1930 picture would appear even though I never used it, as an artifact (an unnamed file with no bits). I actually thought when I printed DVD's and uploaded this to the internet, that picture would appear as the final frame of the film as I could never get it out - but with completion, it simply disappeared. So there you (all) have the full story. I did the best I could for them, and it must have been a hit - the dreams have stopped. We have had grown men tell us they cried like babies when they viewed it - so it works in the way Connie and I hoped - by the time the viewer boards for that final ride, most aren't just viewing the Mattsons anymore, they are a Mattson. IRS PB2Y Coronado flying boats Immigrant Song Lake Catherine Blueberries New York City Sweden Ivernia Ocean Liner Ellis Island Immigrant History Swedish immigration to America Boston Immigration. Theodore Roosevelt White House Lake Catherine Blueberries Fanny Farmer Boston Cooking School Immigration Through Ellis Island Groveland Florida history Ellis Island historical documentary Lake Catherine Blueberries Haines City Clermont Fl history best WWII Pearl Harbor video documentary Chicago Navy School LST death tax orange groves chicken coop mule barn Ellis Island historical documentary film Internal Revenue Service old trains Orange Line steamboats St. Johns River Jacksonville Sanford Martin Mars historical documentary Mattson's farm Alzheimer's Lake Catherine Blueberries Ford Mercury An Immigrant's Tale - Mattsons In America - The Immigrant's tale - Immigration Through Ellis Island sawmill Edge Mercantile Store Lake Catherine Blueberries Roy Baker Groveland Florida History Edwin Mattson Boston Clermont Florida History LeHigh Valley Ivan Lundberg Carl Sjostedt Groveland Florida history LeHigh Valley tugboats Empire Welding Company NY Ellis Island historical documentary Clermont Florida history WWII history New York City Swedish immigrants to America History Boston history Ellis Island Swedish immigration to New York City Ellis Island historical documentary film Groveland Florida History Swedish immigrant trail Mattsons of America Immigration Immigrants An Immigrant's Story Emigrant Trail - just not in that order. Ellis Island immigrants Ellis Island immigrant trail Ellis Island immigrant history Ellis Island immigration documentary New York City immigrants New York City immigrant history New York City immigrant documentary Ellis Island Immigrant History History of Swedish Immigrants Boston Immigration Ellis Island Immigrant History Boston Immigrant History Swedish immigrant trail Ellis Island Immigration documentary film Boston Immigration Swedish Immigration New York City Ellis Island Immigration documentary film New York City An Immigrant's Story Groveland history Florida Clermont history Florida Swedish immigration documentary film Swedish immigration documentary Clermont Groveland history Swedish immigration documentary Ellis Island Boston Mattson family history. Mattson family. An immigrant's tale. The immigrant's tale. Swedish history. Swedish historical documentary video. Sweden immigrant history. America. Best Matt Mattson Video Movie Documentary An Immigrant's Tale The Immigrants Tale Immigration video documentary Show less
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