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    Fassi knuckle boom cranes are manufactured using the highest technology available on the market. Quality, durability and light weight of the crane, ensure maximum performance for lifting loads safely.

    Fassi Group
    Over 90% of a Fassi crane is manufactured directly in one of the Fassi factories. A network of experience, skills and professionalism all based on a manufacturing scheme that is dedicated to achieving the best quality from every point of view: performance, working capacity, safety, research, innovation, product range. The extraordinary breadth of the Fassi range, with over 60 models in 30,000 configurations, means that the cranes offered can be truly purpose built, "tailor made" to suit the needs of customers who choose Fassi products mainly for their quality and fittings.

    Fassi cranes are the fruit of the resources of 5 companies and 11 factories, all of which are exclusively located within Italy. In order to guarantee the highest levels of product quality, the Fassi Industrial group had been set up to cover the entire manufacturing cycle: from metal sheeting to the finished crane. Production takes place in component manufacturing workshops, assembly and final testing plants and in a central logistics department that manages and automatically handles storage of the cranes and spare parts.

    World-wide presence
    Throughout the world, Fassi dealers stand out for their competence and are recognised as specialists in the lifting sector, thanks to workshops that are organised to offer the best possible set-ups as well as full servicing. This organisation operates using technical working protocols that are the fruit of Fassi's experience, and have been created to provide customers with a highly skilled service, thanks to Fassi's dealer training schemes. The excellence of the sales and post-sales services that accompany Fassi products is the essential link connecting the market to the valid solutions offered by Fassi dealers.

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    Some of our most popular newsworthy videos selected by Fassi staff.
    • Fassi F2150RAL, a revolution in knuckle boom cranes - Duration: 67 seconds.

      • 3 years ago
      Italian Fassi Group is one of the world’s largest knuckle boom cranes manufacturers. The company brings innovation, quality and performance to its products by using advanced materials from leading ...
    • Tree care made easier and safer with Fassi cranes - Duration: 2 minutes, 58 seconds.

      • 3 years ago
      When you think about what you're going to use for equipment in climbing gear, the most important thing to think about is where are the benefits for one it's always about safety first, number two is...
    • The new Fassi F990RA xhe-dynamic crane - Duration: 3 minutes, 49 seconds.

      • 2 years ago
      Fassi presents the new F990RA xhe-dynamic crane, with the finest technology to make working lives more efficient.

      Features of cranes XHE:

      - COMPLETE VERSATILITY: The ability to deliver, whatever...
    • Fassi crane and tree climbing - Duration: 2 minutes.

      • 3 years ago
      Fassi cranes are machines that lend themselves to such conditions where sensitivity and accuracy are needed.
      Of all the various activities related to creating and caring for green spaces, arboricu...
    • F545RA crane: light, with high-performance and compact in size - Duration: 56 seconds.

      • 3 years ago
      A completely new machine, designed to excel among cranes of the same category.
      Performance over 51 ton/m lifting capacity, compact overall dimensions also suitable for installation on three-axle v...
    • Fassi V7: effectiveness of the operator-machine dialogue - Duration: 2 minutes, 4 seconds.

      • 3 years ago
      The introduction of the latest V7 remote controls confirms Fassi’s status as a leader in innovation in the lifting sector. The continuous evolution of electronics in the digital age has seen the It...
    • Fassi truck crane F820RA: 6-legged, 360° lifting - Duration: 2 minutes, 27 seconds.

      • 3 years ago
      Andy Goldsmith explains how Advanté, one of the leading suppliers of temporary office and welfare units for construction sites across the UK and Fassi have been pioneering 360-degree lifting in the...
    • IoC : An innovative system developed by Fassi - Duration: 55 seconds.

      • 1 year ago
      The Fassi system “Internet of Cranes ® – IoC” manages all the information that can be obtained from the crane’s operation in order to offer the operator or support centre the advantages of a machin...
    • Mr. J.Koponen talks about the activities of his own company - Duration: 2 minutes, 36 seconds.

      • 3 years ago
      The company Kurko-Koponen Oy comprises 6-7 branches with which we are able to offer a service that covers all the Finnish territory" says Mr. Juha Koponen, CEO of the company Kurko-Koponen Oy. "Fas...
    • Fassi knuckle boom crane F1100RA he-dynamic to TGS - Duration: 3 minutes, 2 seconds.

      • 3 years ago
      On Saturday 17th September Fassi crane dealer Saber S.r.l. celebrated the delivery of a Fassi F1100RA he-dynamic crane to T.G.S., a Valtellina-based company that specialises in lifting and special ...
    • Advertsing campaign of Fassi on Mediaset Italia TV - Duration: 76 seconds.

      • 3 years ago
      Fassi is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the construction of its first crane with a TV commercial lasting three minutes, which was aired on the Italian channel Mediaset throughout September...
    • New Fassi Installation Program (FIP) - Duration: 3 minutes, 31 seconds.

      • 3 years ago
      This video introduces the implementation and verification program of the Fassi crane equipment installation.
      Developed by the company's own resources, today it features a new graphical interface w...
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  • An innovation developed by Fassi Play all

    The creation of the new integrated and safe technology that allows the operator to drive a Volvo Truck remotely from outside the cabin. With the new “Drive by Fassi” technology, the operator can “drive” Volvo Trucks via their Fassi V7 radio control unit without actually being in the cabin. For more information, go to this link.

    To see the entire video click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHc6uaiEgtE
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  • Crane efficiency is a priority Play all

    The Fassi IoC system today represents a real cutting-edge solution for those who work continuously and intensively. It remotely guarantees a series of advantages to improve the uptime, which can be translated into "running time". Remote diagnostics, software upgrades, machine efficiency indicators and predictive maintenance are possible with more active involvement of the crane operator, even during the servicing of equipment. It is a system that in all circumstances certainly improves the level of human-machine confidence.
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  • A reportage about Officine Carra Srl Play all

    Marinella, Antonio and Alessandro Carra are the second generation to head up a cutting-edge sales and assistance dealership aimed at meeting the needs of the market across the entirety of Apulia. In Corigliano d’Otranto, on the SS16 road that links Lecce to Otranto, Officine Carra has opened its new premises, which is spread over an area of 11,000 m2, 2,500 m² of which is indoors: 2,000 m2 is occupied by the garage and the rest by technical, administrative and sales offices, as well as the spare parts warehouse.
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  • A Fassi F820RA.2.26 L414 crane in demonstration Play all

    Founded in 1980 by Roy French, and with over 20 years of experience in the field, the British company RS French Ltd is a very dynamic and growing entity in the field of container rental and transport. The fleet supporting the handling and rental of containers is managed within the company and includes highly qualified operators. Among the various equipment available, the new Fassi F820RA.2.26 stands out. As Matthew French says: "Thanks to its versatility, we can avoid using two trucks on the spot where the container is being handled, and this is particularly advantageous as the continuity and speed of the intervention is guaranteed by a single operator driving both the crane and the truck.”
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  • The new Fassi F1150RA crane is even more powerful Play all

    This new model takes full advantage of Fassi’s technological experience, its mission to offer new solutions and the opportunities provided by new ultra-high strength steels. Agility, an improvement in the weight/power ratio and compact size are the true strengths of this cutting-edge crane.
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  • The Fassi AWC system for operations with a winch Play all

    Automatic Winch Control, or AWC, is a system which maintains a constant distance between the pulley fitted to the tip of the crane and the winch hook, allowing the operator to have practical control over load movements via the pulley, improving the overall efficiency of operations and reducing the time required. The AWC system also measures lengths, heights and depths, based on its ability to measure the quantity of unwound cable. The system can be used both with or without hydraulic extensions and can be fitted to cranes with FX500 or FX900 control units.
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  • The F1650RAL Fassi crane operating in Finland Play all

    One of the latest slew ring crane models to be released by Fassi in 2016 was the F1650RAL, the version of the F1650RA crane with a long secondary arm. This is a confirmation of Fassi’s leadership in this product segment. A crane suitable for those requiring outstanding lifting capacity and agility. The F1650RAL xhe-dynamic has not only been designed to satisfy the requirements of those who want to carry out challenging lifts, but - thanks to the prolink system - it guarantees outstanding efficiency when operating in restricted and difficult spaces. As can be seen in the video, the crane is being used to construct a roof on the seventh floor of a building under construction.
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  • The Fassi cranes use Strenx steel Play all

    Fassi is taking the fierce competition in the lifting and transportation industry head on. With the company’s new F2150RAL crane, which fully utilizes the advanced and ultra-high-strength steel Strenx in the lifting arms and crane booms, Fassi has gained a significant competitive edge.
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  • Fassi Gru S.p.A. - Corporate video Play all

    Presentation of Fassi group
    1.1 Company | Structure of the group
    1.2 Company | Factories
    1.3 Company | Methodology and organization
    2.1 Research and development | Design
    2.2 Research and development | Check test of the prototypes
    2.3 Research and development | Technological innovations
    3.1 Products | Range
    3.2 Products | Techno Chips
    3.3 Products | Product philosophy
    4.1 The market | Distribution and sales network
    4.2 The market | After sales and spare parts
    4.3 The market | Education
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