• eyenine - We're Alive (Official Music Video)

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    eyenine - We're Alive
    from the album 'Dissembler'
    Produced by El Shupacabra
    © 2013 Real Hood Music, LLC

    You can purchase the album here

    -------------------- Credits --------------------

    DP/Editing: Jay Brown
    Titles: Joshua Tetreault
    After Effects: Paul Mihailoff

    Additional Footage:
    Omar Bahrour
    Myles Tufts
    Joe Radano
    South Addison Picture Company

    Special Thanks:
    Ken & everyone at The Big Easy
    Rap Night Portland
    The Fogcutters
    Halcyon Tattoo
    Jimmy Collins

    -------------------- Lyrics --------------------

    I used to think that people had a lot to offer
    but now it seems like there's no use in believing
    there was a time when you could feel the warmth of others
    but times have changed and nearly everyone is freezing
    I've had a lot of time to think about how things are
    and I don't really see this ending very pleasantly
    this time my eyes are pointed at the lit stars
    whatever happens, I can't ever let it get to me

    my bed just isn't what it used to be
    once a safe haven, not just a place I choose to dream
    this blanket can't hide me from my problems
    the answer's right outside but it still remains so new to me
    I try to help this by expressing myself musically
    the more I write the more I lose sight of the muse I keep
    I could try out different styles of creating
    but every single one just brings me right back into losing sleep
    I understand that my life won't play out beautifully
    I need a hand but my pride won't let me through to reach
    the little moments adding up to such an end
    that I never truly noticed that these phases change so fluently
    it's getting harder to impress this changing music scene
    so many artists cannot ever reach congruency
    I'll keep creating like it's all that I have left
    and in the end I think that's really all that I can do for me

    I used to think that people had a lot to offer
    but now it seems like there is so much more to take
    I never thought this life could still be such a bother
    but there is love out there that's mixed in with the hate
    these are lessons that I've learned from growing older
    nothing ceases in this endless flow of time
    we'll meet again when the weather gets colder
    truly yours, eyenine

    this is it, this is now, this is why
    we're a hit, we're a joke, we're alive
    we can cry, we can run, we can hide
    we can go on with our lives or we can wait around to die
    this is it, this is now, this is clear
    how we run, how we fight, how we fear
    all the troubles we've avoiding getting near
    we can put an end to all right here

    connections, nothing matters in the face of this
    statement of complacence that we take for granted with a kiss
    if we manage the damage that happens in our heart, then
    maybe we could change the reason that we grew so far apart
    days turn to the months, turn to years, turn to never
    I've been with fed up with this ever incarcerating endeavor
    it's hard to take in forever when your life is not indefinite
    the message that we send to our descendants is irrelevant
    picture perfect, it's worth it to spend a little time
    thinking why we even try to head across the finish line
    I'll second guess the lesson forever if it can make a change
    death can only save us the effort to never stay the same
    lights left on, nobody's home
    a life left early, lost love left alone
    time heals all so I'm over it now
    with these drowned out sounds, I'm alone in a crowd Show less
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