• Is a successful Earth one step away?

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    Technology: www.Expandiverse.com | Book: www.ImagineANewFuture.com/read/
    Here's a new option for digital transformation: Envision a fully Digital Earth that enables universal success by everyone connected, spend years creating its technology, file its IP and turn that into business opportunities. These are done and that was named the Expandiverse.

    This project's new stage is digital acceleration: Consulting that adds Expandiverse features to services and products. The goal is to create the opportunity to build Expandiverse platforms: Build once, run everywhere, start delivering improvements

    The inventor's previous patents have been licensed by over 500 corporations that include Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics and many others. He holds degrees from Harvard and the Wharton School.

    Let's connect: www.linkedin.com/in/danabelow/
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  • The High-Level View Play all

    Take it from the top: How did it start? How is it different? Why do it?
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  • Devices: Teleportals Play all

    A new family of devices converges computing, communications, television, the Internet and more into a continuous digital reality architecture, to enable tomorrow's digital world.
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  • Become a Global Person Play all

    In the future we can live global lives, use constantly connected global resources, and enjoy worldwide digital events.

    In the Expandiverse universal personal success, entertainment and everyday life will become one.
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  • Active Knowledge / Future of E-Commerce, Part 1 Play all

    As we do tasks and steps with connected devices, both knowledge and buying will become embedded in what we do. Active Knowledge will deliver success everywhere, to everyone who wants it. E-commerce will auto-respond to the gaps by offering more successful options.

    This combination will expand our abilities to learn while doing, buy the world's best ways to succeed when we want that, then use them well.

    Could we become a world where everyone can become as good as the best in the world? What would that do to universal personal success and the pyramid shape of societies?
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  • Future of E-Commerce, Part 2 Play all

    When we decide what's on our screens, we will choose the digital realities that we live in.

    One of the Expandiverse's boundaries is a paywall so everyone can earn money (and other benefits) from letting in the vendors we choose.

    Once we can let in some vendors and shut out others, will customers gain economic control? Will we use that to increase our incomes, or to raise the quality of our lives?
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  • How This Affects Your Company Today Play all

    Imagine you're a company in the 1950's. Now imagine fighting some competitors that use technology and know-how from the year 2000.

    Who will win? Who will be crushed?

    Are you ready to compete with companies that bring tomorrow's digital world into today, and look back at you?

    What could happen to your company if you don't access the Expandiverse's 1,500 pages of technical specifications, its IP and know-how to gain the advantages of this digital world from the future?
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  • Multiple Identities Play all

    Is it possible for the Expandiverse to multiply our lives so we can get more out of each one of them?

    What would happen to the economy and corporate profits if we could double or triple the size of today's markets?

    Could the Expandiverse connect multiple identities and economic growth, so having more of "us" will also produce a bigger and wealthier economy for all of "us"?
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  • Possible Impacts on "The Big Picture" Play all

    Could large impacts be produced as we enter the Expandiverse?

    Some of the impacts might include people-driven change, overcoming the economy's current plateau, stimulating new economic growth, and new ways to deal with catastrophes and crises.
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