• Euro NCAP Crash Test of Volvo XC40

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    Euro NCAP performs a series of crash tests on each model tested:
    - a frontal impact test, the car impacts a rigid barrier
    - an offset frontal impact test, 40% of the width of the car is striking a deformable barrier
    - a pole test, the tested car is propelled sideways into a rigid pole
    - a side impact test, a mobile deformable barrier impacts the driver's door

    A series of pedestrian tests are conducted with different impactors, adult and child head form, lower and upper leg form and whiplash tests are performed on a sled.

    Active safety is tested based on the car’s equipment: autonomous emergency braking systems (car to car, with a pedestrian and a cyclist target), lane support and speed assist technologies and seatbelt reminders.

    All details on the Euro NCAP Website: https://www.euroncap.com/en...... Show less
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      Euro NCAP Road Map 2025 - In Pursuit of Vision Zero - Official film, released 2017 September 12th. Press release available here: https://www.euroncap.com/en/press-media/press-releases/
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      Be in the car during a Frontal Impact Crash Test!
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      An expert workshop hosted by Euro NCAP and IRCOBI discussion on the Safety of Autonomous Vehicles held during the Euro NCAP 20th Anniversary Conference on 12 September 2017#EuroNCAP2025
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    • AEB for cyclists - Duration: 4 minutes, 40 seconds.

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      In a world first, Euro NCAP introduces cyclist detection Autonomous Emergency Braking to its vehicle safety assessments for 2018.
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    • Thatcham Research explains AEB cyclist detection system - Duration: 112 seconds.

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      Matthew Avery from Thatcham Research explains the AEB cyclist detection system and how #EuroNCAP assesses its safety performance.
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      Euro NCAP is introducing a new test that will check how well vehicles autonomously detect and prevent collisions with pedestrians. With new vehicles offering more autonomous driver assist systems, ...
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      Euro NCAP released the first results of rear-end crash avoidance systems tested against the upcoming 2014 rating protocol. Real world claims data suggest that Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) sys...
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      Crash avoidance systems such as Autonomous Emergency Braking and Forward Collision Warning systems can help drivers avoid or mitigate a crash. Following the completion of detailed protocols to test...
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      Euro NCAP is simulating rear-end crashes to evaluate the protection that car seats offer against whiplash neck injury. Following a crash, whiplash injuries can be hard to treat and often lead to li...
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      A deployable or 'pop-up' bonnet is designed to lift in a crash involving a pedestrian to create more space to absorb the head impact energy and reduce the severity of the injury.
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      Euro NCAP featuring a 3D projection mapping on Autonomous Emergency Braking systems.
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      On 13 June 2012 at the Autoworld in Brussels, Euro NCAP organized a event on Autonomous Emergency Braking systems. The event gathered experts, professionals from the automotive industry, EU policym...
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      Many accidents are caused by late braking and/or braking with insufficient force. Autonomous Emergency Braking systems help to avoid accidents by identifying critical situations early and warning t...
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      Fin dal primo crash test, Euro NCAP ha effettuato una valutazione della sicurezza dei bambini per indurre i costruttori di veicoli a responsabilizzarsi rispetto alla necessit...
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      Euro NCAP, the organisation that assesses the safety of new cars, has introduced a new overall car safety rating. The rating system is a new approach to rating safety performance and will challenge...
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