• Calling Ohio Crawford County Sheriff re- Greg: Snider false imprisonment and kidnapping 7-19-12

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    update 7-20-12 Greg is FREE!
    This is earthica star calling from California i am an independent journalist with earthicastar blogtalk radio and im calling in regard to Greg of the Snider clan, who is being held in the Crawford county jail
    reserving all my unalienable rights, I am placing you on lawful Notice and notice to you is notice to your principals and agents. that I have viewed the videos of Greg being assaulted and kidnapped by agents who were clearly acting under color of law and outside of any lawful authority as i am learned in the law and know that traffic acts ONLY apply to commerce and Greg was clealy not 'operating in commerce upon the road, and clearly stated that to the alleged officers who immediately trespassed through his car window unlocking and opening his door, and proceeded to threaten and intimidate Greg and his family into compliance without properly identifying themselves or any warrant, or lawful authority. Greg attempted to inform them armed men that he was merely traveling as a free man with his family on vacation, and not acting in commerce nor subject to commercial law, but the alleged officers apparently have not been trained in the de-jure law of the land and are acting under commercial legislation which does not apply to free sovereign people. The videos clearly shows that Greg asking the first alleged officer to identify himself and said armed assailant refused to properly identify himself as is the right of any free man when an armed assailant whom they do not recognize impedes their way on the highway.
    I witnessed the alleged officer assault and kidnap Greg in front of his wife and four young daughters on you tube without any lawful authority or jurisdiction over a living free being... badges are not proper identification neither is pointing to your vehicle a proper way of identifying one's self. I also have been informed that Greg is being held under false arrest and fraudulent charges of resisting or not complying.. when he had no obligation to comply.. even tho he stated several times he would comply under threat and duress as soon as the men identified themselves.
    Said alleged officers also used their emergency overhead lights when there was no clear or stated emergency which i know to be fraudulently acting under the Emergency Banking Act of 1933 and Emergency Executive War powers, and Martial rule, in a time of peace with no declared war at hand.
    All Jurisdiction MUST be proved BEFORE ANYthing else can proceed in your alleged courts and neither the alleged officers nor the alleged magistrate have proven jurisdiction, neither personal, subject matter, territorial, or any jurisdiction whatsoever. . The $1000,000 bond amout you have placed on him is extortion and revenue piracy.. it is FRAUD and VOID.. Greg has no prior offenses and he clearly tried to comply with you under threat and duress which VOIDS all of your presumed authority to have even stopped him in the first place. We people will be watching and posting these videos to the four corners to expose your fraud and please take this as a warning that you are being charged at this time f0r title 18 impersonating under color of law offenses, kidnapping aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment, extortion and fraud... along with cruel and unusual punishment and inhumane treatment of an imprisoned and free man placed in bondage. I understand that he has been further sexually and physically assaulted in your jail, deprived of clean water, temperate condition, and healthy unmolested modified foods... and he has been denied access to the law to exact his own defense. He has now been held for over a week unlawfully and be Noticed now that you will be charged 50,000 dollars of lawful silver coin for each 24 hours that he is held against his free will and consent. All who are aiding in his capture and imprisonment and extortion will be held liable and accountable as men and women in your private capacity without immunity for dishonor of your constitutional oaths, breach of your fiduciary duties, and acting under admiralty this committing piracy on the high seas.
    I further place you on Notice and Demand that you hereby free Greg at once and remove any and all fraudulent charges and expunge this matter from your record immediately. Show less
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