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Vicious Feminism in the Schools

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Feminism is a Jewish Womens' movement. In their own words:

"[M]ost mother-women give up whatever ghost of a unique and human self they may have when they 'marry' and raise children." -- Phyllis Chesler, Women and Madness, p.294

"If life is to survive on this planet, there must be a decontamination of the Earth. I think this will be accompanied by an evolutionary process that will result in a drastic reduction of the population of males." -- Mary Daly, former Professor at Boston College, 2001

"I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig." -- Andrea Dworkin, Ice and Fire, (Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 1987)

LINK: http://no-maam.blogspot.com...


The New World Order is a Jewish Peoples movement. In their own words:

"Since the Jews are the highest and most cultured people on earth, the Jews have a right to subordinate to themselves the rest of mankind and to be the masters over the whole earth".
~Rabbi Harry Waton

Only three hundred men, who all know each other, govern the fate of Europe. They elect their successors from their entourage. These German Jews have the means in their hands of putting an end to the form of Government of any State which proves unreasonable. ~Walter Rathenau, Plain English, late Dictator of Germany, a Jew, 1921

The meaning of the history of the last century is that today 300 Jewish financiers, all Masters of (Masonic) Lodges, rule the world." ~Jean Izoulet, prominent member of Jewish Alliance Israelite Universelle, 1931

LINK: http://911newworldorderfile...


"World events do not occur by accident. They are made to happen, whether it is to do with national issues or commerce; most of them are staged and managed by those who hold the purse string." (Denis Healey, former British Secretary of Defence.)

"Political Zionism is an agency of Big Business. It is being used by Jewish and Christian financiers in this country and Great Britain, to make Jews believe that Palestine will be ruled by a descendant of King David who will ultimately rule the world. What delusion! It will lead to war between Arabs and Jews and eventually to war between Muslims and non-Muslims. That will be the turning point of history." (Henry H. Klein, "A Jew Warns Jews," 1947)

"There have of old been Jews of two descriptions, so different as to be like two different races. There were Jews who saw God and proclaimed His law, and those who worshiped the golden calf and yearned for the flesh-pots of Egypt; there were Jews who followed Jesus and those who crucified Him..." --Mme Z.A. Rogozin ("Russian Jews and Gentiles," 1881)


The Jews are actually connected to the Pharoahs of Egypt; the Jews were the rulers of Egypt. The Holy Bible talks about Egypt but it never openly talks about the pyramids there. Strange, huh? It is because the Bible uses code. It calls them "mountains". Moses was a Pharoah who "went to the top of Mount Sinai...." 'Sinai' is also a code. It means sine (singular) eye, or SINE EYE. It is symbolic of a Pharoah with a monotheistic culture which is also in my opinion a twisted solar cult.
Look at the dollar bill. We have a government but the money supply is controlled by people connected to Egypt! Otherwise,it wouldn't refer to the pyramid.

Feminism was created by the people of the sine (sign) eye.

It is meant to be an attack on male leadership because leadership can be frightening and they want to have women leaders that they can use to disinherit us because of the fact that women will capitulate when we are all under constant attack like we are right now, Internationally.

These are my opinions and not neccessarily those of Henry Makow, PhD. from whence I got some of the audio (with his permission) to make this video. His site is http://www.henrymakow.com

"Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it." - Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001 Show less
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