• Dronf - Injured (Album)

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    00:00 - Witness
    06:45 - Fiction
    10:27 - Party with the Police
    15:11 - Injured
    19:50 - Idiots
    23:33 - Fantastic
    24:44 - American Boy
    27:03 - Chaos
    31:04 - Talking to Myself
    35:37 - Black Blood
    38:18 - Ego
    40:52 - Hungry
    45:00 - Birth
    51:43 - End

    "Injured" is an album I released in 2007 as Gabino (Hi, that's my name!). This album covers the years 2002-2007 and is remastered along with extra songs that were never released. I'm republishing two more albums under Dronf this year. From 1999-2001, I released music as Dao that will be compiled into one album. I'll also re-release my second Gabino album "Devotees" from 2009.

    Dronf was started in 2011 as an anonymous exploration and self-education of synthesis by only making music with my ever-growing analog modular synth. I've since learned much about sound and surprisingly, about composing, such as the need for a demo. The ephemeral nature of the modular means that in addition to a plan, too much time is spent patching, tweaking, recording and un-patching over and over for all the numerous layers of a song. Over the past few years I've come full circle and now make music with whatever I can. Since there is more of a connection to my previous music and for other personal reasons, it is time to complete my discography. I'm grateful for all my fans. Thanks for listening!


    1. Witness

    One word and they'll hang you
    You're never going to get away
    They'll never let you get away

    To crimes unknown
    When I'm all alone
    Forgive me

    2. Fiction

    Buy a coffee and fuel my addictions
    Because heaven knows there could be worse afflictions
    Play elaborate games with my one good eye
    As I watch the sidewalk cracks go by

    It's time to change
    We're not fiction
    We're humans after all is said and done
    But maybe one day we'll all be dead
    But this song will still be playing in your head

    Theories say we're made of strings or rubber bands
    Is it too much to ask for something grand?
    Under every manhole and every skirt
    Lay secrets no one should know
    Because it'd only hurt!

    3. Party with the Police

    Fill the forms and take your bows
    They'll show you how to please a crowd
    Put out your smokes before we choke
    And please don't move or think to dance

    Let's all party with the police
    Like it's 1984
    And even though you love this beat
    Don't you think of moving those feet

    4. Injured

    5. Idiots

    And we'll always know
    That they'll pursue us to the end
    And we'll always be
    One step ahead of the rest

    We're idiots if we don't savor this
    One last chance
    To strike a match and light up the world
    In our blaze

    Softest voice
    Sweetest smile
    Wicked eyes that pierce all lies
    Sultry lines of some grand design

    6. Fantastic

    This life is fantastic
    If you can find time to live it
    Peace, love, merriment
    Can be yours if you can own it

    But my head is full of all these f***ing holes
    That laziness won't let me fill in
    You think I've lost my mind
    Well, f*** you!

    7. American Boy

    And it should have never been this way
    But I didn't know what to say
    If I told you that I love you
    Would you merely say "It's okay"

    Good ole American boy
    Can't wait to be a whore
    Good ole American boy
    Thinks of blood, guts and gore

    You saved your damsel in distress
    But she really wasn't too impressed
    If I told you that I love you
    Would you merely say "It's okay"

    8. Chaos

    If you touch a little person
    You'll feel the weight
    Down on the street

    9. Talking to Myself *

    Talking to myself
    And don't know that I am

    Fumbling in the dark
    Willingly on my part
    I think that I've been here before
    But forgetting that it's always the same

    10. Black Blood

    I blame others for
    My lack of symmetry
    In hatred and sympathy
    Toward those who really need it

    And I don't feel all that much though I say...

    I feel like burned out, bombed out homes
    I feel like dusted, unknown bones

    11. Ego *

    Feed on what they give you
    Now your thoughts belong to few
    And I am involved
    But I'm not invulnerable
    So sh*t on and piss on what they serve you
    Because we will create beauty, too!

    12. Hungry *

    13. Birth *

    14. End

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