Confidence | Health | Personal Safety

Confidence | Health | Personal Safety

These three words encompass what can be expected when you or a loved one join the Dragonfly MMA family. 

Confidence :
It is widely known that how you feel about yourself determines how a person perceives you.

Health :
Endurance, stamina, mental awareness and sharpness are just a few of the things people notice when one participates in a regular fitness regimine.

Personal Safety :
Does anything need to be said here ? Just look at the statistics:
  - 5 out of 6 poeple will be victims of violent crimes once in their lives.
  - 60% of sex offenders are on parole or probation
  - Violent crimes happens every 22 seconds.

Whether its on the Job, at the Market, in the Playground or at School, Personal safety should be second nature to everyone.
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