• ReIntroduction of the Wolf

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    Haha, play on words there. Enjoy, its freakin' long. But there's a real gem at the end, where I demonstrate to you that Google runs your video through voice recognition, documenting everything you say in writing, and since we know from my other show, Zombie Apocalypse Diaries, that the NSA and Google are the same thing, we know that everything you say in your videos is being collected and used to create a profile of who you are

    That's why I'm safe. I made a fictional show, and this diary makes me appear like a nutcase. Haha NSA...GOTCHA! That's what you get for being a bunch of lazy kids.

    Oh, and by the way folks, my show awakened me, it has every chance of awakening anyone who views it, so no matter what, I'm safe because if someone actually does review it at the NSA, they will awaken, realize I am right, give up their job, and likely turn whistleblower...

    Oh, and I just realized, 24 April, that I screwed up and edited in the wrong video at the end. I'll edit it out here and try to fix it. It should make more sense...and never you mind what this one is about.


    I realize in reading this weeks after writing the initial comments, that I am communicating in a paradigm that taken out of context seems quite bizarre. You really have to watch all of my videos, or at least most of them, in order, to understand my train of thought. That's the point of these vidoes after all - I can't remember well from one moment to the next unless I attach strong emotion. So I record my thoughts so I can put them together later. If you research the knowledge I have - that is, research the subjects I present until you understand them well enough to understand what I believe as I articulate it to the best of my ability - you will understand why I believe what I believe. I do not ask to be believed, only understood so that I can collaborate with someone on my thinking. I am quite intelligent, and well and broadly studied. But it is informal; both a good thing, and a bad thing. I require someone who is also independently educated by way of researching the subject material I present (or at least temporarily taking it for granted if only for the purpose of overall understanding) so that they too can understand and see things as I do. The whole point is to verify my observations. I don't want to be believed; that's wholly up to you. I want to be understood so I can progress in my research or give up if I am wrong. If I'm right, I may well be able to help save the whole damn planet. Hard as that may be for you to accept, it is what you must come to understand if you wish to understand me.

    If you do not, you are welcome to browse or whatever; but understand that in these diaries, you will take away exactly what you seek. Show less
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