"THEY LIVE, in the Skies"!
  • A SPIRIT in Broad Daylight?!!

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    .http://www.aboutglasstunnel...... Please visit my channel. & uploads. Thank you.

    More real spirit orbs, chasing the Google, 'street view drivers' across the world. "Real Ghosts, & In Broad Daylight"!

    I've found that the best way to decipher if it's ''dust on the lens or Not", is to put the video on Full Screen. Then pause throughout the video, to look for 'changes in the object'.

    If it's always one image & never moves & is in a fixed/stationary position, it's a speck of dust/ smudge/ fingerprint.

    And if it constantly changes ever so slightly in each frame, it's flying on it's own & away from the lens. And obviously ''on it's own''. It's an Entity. They usually are dark - light brownish gray. These are discarnates & nature spirits, etc.

    These videos are set @ 1/8 second per frame. And I, "have the only videos of this nature, on the net".

    (Downloading/upload/mirror permissible, if you can!)

    What this is, is that "due to an over whelming of the ambient light from our sun, does this slightly over whelm the inner factory installed filters on the lens.

    In other words, "the veil IS lifting"!!

    Thereby letting it "see, into & beyond the near infrared". Thus capturing objects that would ordinarily be seen by animals & clairvoyants.

    Spirits (which ghosts are) "look like little clouds". They can be dark gray, to the brightest whites. Are often mistaken for ufo's. Yet just another dynamic of the 'end times scenario'.

    And besides, when has any one ever seen a 'ghost in broad daylight'. Haven't we all been, kept in the dark??

    Now that you can see them in the daylight, are they not so scary after all? Real ghosts & spirits, in broad daylight. WOW!!

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  • Seeing into the Near Infrared, made E-Z. Play all

    Here is an E-Z technique any one can do. Ever try to explain to some one about a light orb disappearing and where do they go afterwards? (You can tell 'they are no different than the rest of us', if, they can not see the white light without the aid of the cell phone camera.)

    Normally only animals and clairvoyants can see it.The object, usually moves beyond our sight, and back into the infrared spectrum. They are still here, but they are out of our perception/wavelength of sight.

    It is similar by using your cell phone camera, to SEE the infrared light on an infrared remote control.Something you might want to show people, when ever you are trying to tell them and they are looking at you like you are CrAzY...

    Here's more seen with a camera;

    1.) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPegq5vC78FVuIQqsZ...

    2.) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPegq5vC78FWIisJNP...

    3.) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPegq5vC78FVdRUAUl...
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  • JUST GOOD CGI? Play all

    NEARLY 100 of the BEST UFO On YouTube. There may be real and fake UFO featured here. Can you, tell the difference between a c.g.i. UFO, and a real one? Remember, the real ones are very, very real...
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  • 2019 POLE SHIFT & THE PHOTON BELT Play all

    By now everyone has heard about the end of times being predicted because the ancient Mayan calendar reportedly ends on December 21, 2012. Many movies have now been made that emphasizes a 2012 doomsday scenario. But the end of the Mayan calendar is actually much sooner than that. A major miscalculation has been made because everyone failed to subtract the time adjustments made by Roman Emperor Julius Caesar in 47 B.C and then again by Roman Pope Gregory XIII and astronomer Christopher Clavius in 1582. What did they do to adjust time and thereby effect the Mayan Calendar end time date?

    Roman Emperor Julius Caesar introduced the Julian Calendar with an added Leap Year day every 4th year in 47 B.C. and Roman Pope Gregory XIII and astronomer Christopher Clavius introduced the Gregorian calendar which adjusted the Julian Leap Year by dropping 10 days in October of 1582. Leap Year has resulted in a miscalculation wherein the Mayan calendars December 21, 2012 end date actually ends this year, in 2011.

    I will now show you that it is entirely plausible that 2012 is actually 2011. The current year 2011 -- 1582 (the year the Gregorian calendar was introduced) = 429 years have since passed. 429 / 4 = 107.25 days added since 1582. 1582 A.D. + 47 B.C. (the year Roman Emperor Julius Caesar introduced Leap Year) = 1629 years for the Julian Calendar. 1629 / 4 = 407.25 days added between 47 B.C. and 1582 A.D. -- 10 days dropped with the introduction of the Gregorian calendar leaving 397.25 leap year days added.107.25 days added by the Gregorian calendar + 407.25 days added with the Julian calendar -- 10 days dropped = 504.5 days added by Leap Years. Approximately 504.5 days has to be dropped in order to realign with the Mayan calendar. December 21 is the 355th day of a 365 days Gregorian calendar year. 355 -- number of days added with Leap Year or 504.5 = -- 149.5 days or 149.5 days that still needs to be subtracted to realign with the Mayan calendar. 365 days of the year calendar -- 149.50 = the 215.5th day of the year which is August 3. According to these calculations the Mayan calendar actually ended on August 3, 2011. But the warning by Army Specialist William Millay, to Prepare for the end of the world reported in the previous article titled U.S. Army Alaska military police officer put in protective custody after warning mother of imminent threat -- November 9/11 was made public on November 1, 2011. If this is the case then the Gregorian calendar still needs to be adjusted to align the Mayan calendar with a November 2011 date. If November 9, 2011 is December 21, 2012 I miss calculated by 97.5 days. How many days were dropped in the transition from B.C. to A.D. time? Nobody knows how many days the Romans dropped in order to adjust time to account for the transition. It was not until 532 AD that the Roman Pope replaced Julian AUC (AUC stands for Ab Urbe Condita, meaning from the foundation of Rome) years with Julian A.D. years. As many as 90 days may have been simply dropped by the Romans (the Romans created both the Julian and Gregorian calendars) in order to forever change the time of year when Jesus Christ was born and bring all Christians under Roman authority.

    Anyone who has read the Bible will know emphatically that Christ was born in the fall and not on December 25th. The latter date was the great pagan holy day of the ancient world. It was the birthday of the sun god, when at the winter solstice, the sun that had been in decline grew stronger again and regained new life. It was Baals birthday. To the Romans it was the birthday of the invincible sun. At the time of Christs birth, the area of Jerusalem was very crowded with visitors, because of the celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles. People took advantage of this yearly journey to Jerusalem to pay their taxes, as they were collected at this time of the year. There was only one pay day every year -- harvest time. Taxes were therefore generally collected at harvest time. The Bible gives us evidence that Jesus parents traveled to Jerusalem for the spring and fall Holy Days. More evidence that Jesus was born in the Fall, at harvest time ( Feast of Tabernacles), is given pertaining to John the Baptist. Since John was born on Passover, the 15th day of Nisan (the 1st Jewish month), Jesus would have been born six months later on the 15th day of Tishri (the 7th Jewish month). The 15th day of the 7th month begins the Feast of Tabernacles (Lev. 23:34-35), also known as Sukkot. Jesus was born on the 1st day of the Feast of Tabernacles. (to be cont....) Found it @; http://presscore.ca

    Also, do a video/image search on ' mass animal/fish kills 2013 ', to get a better idea of the mass extinction event that is going on now worldwide.

    So, what is after this? Maybe this; http://www.thenewearth.org/newearth2.html
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  • Just, A Matter Of Time! Play all

    Maybe the Russians have the secret to anti gravity? http://www.airpano.ru/files/Saint-Petersburg-Helicopter/2-2
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  • The BLUE ORB's! Play all

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