Welcome to CoreHQ - Home Of The Cores!!
Welcome to CoreHQ - Home Of The Cores!!

This channel is all about music and mixing!!
I launched this channel after getting heavy addicted to NightCore,
now I have kind of created me own genre of music, 
well, 3 actually,
I'll explain them here!!

1) MineCore
MineCore is a bit weird,
Minecore is music (duh) but converted into MineCraft sounds.
Only 1 problem, there won't be vocals in it.
All instrumental!!

2) NightCore
NightCore is basicly just sped up music, but sounds awesome!!
give it a try, I create them myself.
With Vocals!!

3) OrigiNightCore
OrigiNightCore is just NightCore but with some additions.
Instead of pitching UP I pitched it DOWN so you get the orginal singer's voice back.
With Vocals!!

enjoy and I always accept request!!
Just post them in discussiontab!

- CoreHQ Crew
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