• ...quiet moment....for Mirei,Sora,&Palo {pls rd desc.}

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    Hisashiburi, minna~san!! I have a lot to get off my chest so here goes...

    edit:YouTube is a bitch and hates Germany for some reason out of all the goddamn countries!!! Please go here if you are from that wonderful country that YT has a vendetta against: http://www.zippcast.com/vid......

    To Sora, Mirei, and Palo
    I feel like I never properly thanked you all for everything with SmS. So I know the video isn't the best but I really wanted to dedicate something to you three. Simply mad wasn't just a regular studio for me, it was THE studio. My main, my I-don't-need-any-other-studio-besides-this-one studio...from the VERY BEGINNING. You three don't know this but before I applied to join SmS, I applied to soooo many other studios and each one turned me down. I really thought I was a bad editor and I wasn't good enough. But when you three accepted me, I felt so unbelieveably happy. I felt so privileged working beside all of you, every MEP we made, showing off my SmS bg and icon. I felt like a superstar, and it wouldn't have been possible without you three. So, thank you..thank you for seeing potential in me and helping me grow as an editor. You three were my biggest inspiration on YT and still are. Thanks again soooo much!! I love you awesome goddesses!!

    For Mirei
    Thank you so much for helping me hone my editing skills. Everytime you gave me feedback on a part or offered constructive criticism, it made me get outside of my comfort zone and make the best possible edit. I've learned so much from you and I'm so grateful to you for making me a better editor. I admire you so much and I will never be up to your level in editing but you've given me tools to become as great as you one day ;)

    For Sora
    Thank you for every single background and icon you've given me. I ADORED EVERY ONE!!! you know I was usually the first ask for them I loved them that much. You are so talented it's insane. I really REALLY regretted not getting the final "banner"(damn you YT, Even though youtube gave you less and less creative space, you still came up with bomb ass designs for everyone) you designed. I was thinking about what I wanted too long and by the time I was going to ask for one the studio was ending (and YT mailing system fails so hard right now). I just wanted you to know that I will always love your designs. I loved each one and still look at them. I felt so legit when I had your bgs and icons on my page like a top editor ;P

    For Palo
    Thanks so much for all of your kind words and inspiring editing. You are such an amazing editor so I idolized you a lot in SmS. I remember you always giving me encouraging words on my videos and parts even when I thought they were really bad. You helped me not be so down on myself while also inspiring me to get better at editing. You were like literal sunshine with kick-ass editing skills. You have given me so much inspiration and confidence, and for that I will forever be grateful. Don't stop being dazzling no matter what!! ;D

    Thanks again you three!! for everything!!! And congratulations with your real-life jobs and accomplishments!! I'm always hoping that they're treating you all well!!!

    I'm sorry to everyone else especially to all the studios I'm apart of. I totally understand if I was let go by any of them. With YT's downgraded mail system, I not only can't find my damn messages but I never get notified anymore like I used to. I was so busy with finishing college and my mom's illness that I didn't have the patience to learn the new YT layout and system. I'm really sorry if you thought I ignored you or didn't care about your studio anymore. I was just dealing with a lot this past year. If you wanna get in touch with me, I'll be checking the comment section alot.

    I will be editing again on this channel more regularly than in the past since I'm done with school and my mom is better so expect more from me. I'm not just editing with anime but also live-action shows, animash stuff, and other stuff. I want to expand my editing range a bit lol so stay tuned!!

    If you read all of this, you deserve all the cookies!!! Show less
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