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    Hi, I'm Mike aka Coma Niddy. I haven't made a video in a while. I have a new one now. You should check it out.

    I also put together a free album. Get the Coma Niddy EP - https://goo.gl/4mgDVn

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    PBS Digital Studios

    Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

    - Credits -

    Created by Mike Wilson aka Coma Niddy

    Track by Allrounda Productions

    - Lyrics -

    Part 1 - Coma Niddy's Back

    Allow me to re-introduce myself
    My name is Mike
    Call me Coma Niddy
    Been making science raps on YouTube
    But haven’t don’t any of that lately
    ‘Cause I got job-see
    Working at OMSI
    Teleported to Portland
    That’s my new spawn
    Why I haven’t been a-round like B.O.B
    Testing new stomping grounds, Dino Feet
    So follow me OMSI runs these streets
    Got science on fleek everyday of the week
    Got more ‘Xzibit’ than MTV
    Pimpin’ the Science Industry
    All these Animals we about that life
    Got a Submarine we about that dive
    Planetarium we about that sky
    Theory Eatery we about that dine
    Museum Ed that’s the crew
    First interactive wet lab, what it do?
    Physics lab is classic old school
    Design Lab got the cool new tools
    Here’s our featured exhibit today
    The next time you you see me all that may change
    If you’re in love with the dinosaurs
    Go to Paleo Lab, where we show them bones!

    [Hook x2]
    Seems like I disappeared
    Living in Portland
    Where they keep it weird
    Working at OMSI
    Keeping science weird
    Working with PBS
    Twelve songs a year!

    On the mission to educate
    With the science that you see everyday
    We got DNA
    Outer space
    Climate Change
    And I brought them Tardigrades
    Curious then come to our zone
    Gain knowledge and make OMSI your home
    Though more people visit when the weather’s bad
    But it rains all the time so we ain’t mad!

    Part 2 - We Luh Ya Pluto We-Re-Mix

    The more massive the Planet
    The harder you fall
    And planet made of feathers barely any pull at all
    But somehow Pluto went and broke the rules
    We fell in love
    You’re super-cool!
    Got 5 moons
    Roll with a crew
    Distance from the Sun
    About 40 AU
    9 year trip
    To get snap-shots
    And the more that we learn
    The more that you rock
    Sometimes Atmo
    And sometimes not
    One third water
    And Two thirds rock
    Don’t shine in our sky
    But you got that ice
    Underworld God
    But you’re so nice
    We luh ya Pluto!

    [Hook - WeMix]
    My very educated mother just served us nine
    My very educated mother just served us nine
    My very educated mother just served us nine
    Without Pluto can’t have Pizza Time Show less
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