• Friar in The Booth - Chris Turner (Fire in the Booth Parody)

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    MC Friar Tuck drops by Charlie Sloth's 1Xtra studios to drop some BARS FROM HEAVEN.

    Chris Turner - Lyrics and Performance
    Dru Wakely - Music, Recording, Camera and Editing


    Yeah, yeah, yeah…this is Friar in the Booth. Rhymes so hot you need a friar extinguisher! Fighting friar with friar! Out of the frying pan into the friar! It's a baptism of friar! Yes - this will be mainly friar puns!

    Friar in the hole…y house of the Lord//I’m a mendicant meanderer and heaven’s my reward
    Not an old bald man gone n’ grown mature//shorn a keratin rim that i call my tonsure!
    Order Dominican but not from the Republic//got a big belly and you know I like to rub it
    Dominic, he the patron saint of astronomers//pretty fittin’ cuz you be looking at a star!

    Uptown monk, downtown abbey//My other clothes are robes and they lookin’ pretty shabby
    Don’t smother monks in satin when the laypeople suffer//if you know your latin you can call me a brother
    I’m clever, girl - jurassic park classic in a cassock//put you in a casket have your pastor kneeling praying on a hassock
    Your life: pathetic - my lifestyle ascetic//you been prayin’ for your paradise, i just go and get it

    Sounds silly but this is friar in the booth//if i wasn’t celibate i’d be sirin’ the youth
    It’s absurd all these urges but i never tell the abbot//I heard they all virgins but i get em out of the habit
    In summary get me to a nunnery, alleviate the drudgery and rummage in their shrubbery
    Mother superior, my motives ulterior//num num on a plump nun with another superb rear!

    So let me see you lose your head like you be John the Baptist//Bishops got a lotta hi hats, s’why I call ‘em trappists.
    Unless the brothers taken yet another vow of silence//make some Friar-Tucking noise for St Thomas Acquinas!

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