• Chiasma - Narcissus and Echo (Official Video)

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    Chiasma does some heavy lifting for "Narcissus and Echo" from the 2016 album, Human Element.

    Video shooting, editing, and production magic: Gabrielle Heagy
    Machine Wrangling & Protein Consulting: Miles Reed, Sam Heagy

    Huge thanks to the Plainfield Gym and Tan for giving us free rein of the place! http://www.plainfieldgymand...

    Shot with a Canon Mark 5D Mark ii and Canon 60D
    Lens - Canon 85mm 1.8 and Canon 50mm 1.8
    Fx: AA VFX https://www.youtube.com/use......

    "Narcissus and Echo"
    Copyright Chiasma 2016
    All rights reserved.

    Were you the one calling my name?
    Because I didn’t seem to hear you.
    Are you now staking your claim?
    Well I’m just a little bit busy
    -Reflecting truths upon the water’s call
    -Pretty face unrequited after all
    Don’t test me!
    I’ve transcended beyond the plane of the living
    Respect me!
    At least I have found a voice of my own. Ha!
    Let’s evaluate the history
    ‘Cause I’m not the slightest bit inclined to speak to you

    Narcissus I’m tired of calling right back to you
    Done chasing a flower that never truly blooms
    Narcissus I’m tired of looking right back at you
    You’re wasting away for a love you never knew

    But oh
    Deep down it shows
    Shows who you are; not who you boast
    Deep down it shows how lonely you are

    My poor confused darling
    Let me put it in a way you can understand:
    “I’d rather die than you should have me!”
    You don’t seem to be blinking
    I’m not sure you’re even thinking
    Oh, how fitting indeed
    That you should break your own heart

    But what if we put our mirrors together?
    We could do this forever
    Turned our mirrors together
    We could do this forever
    In fractals I found you
    I am you
    Don’t stop the feedback loop
    In it I found you

    You have taken my soul!
    -This vanity clings to me, taking its hold
    Your visage echoes!
    -This image, it sings to me, leading me home
    You have taken control!
    -The water, it calls to me, making me whole
    You are not fit to love!
    -No specter can conquer me but my own Show less
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