• 20120317 Happy Birthday L. Ron - Duration: 3:02.

    • 3 years ago
    Las Vegas Anonymous attempts raiding / birthdaying at L. Ron's Place.
    Nobody shows up.
  • Seeing as your Youtube About Me currently states "I do my duty as an upstanding citizen insulting the Wii and 360 like they rightfully deserve," I can see you are qualified about Anonymous too. Well, if being nearly murdered twice and being arrested due to cult + police meddling (yet never charged) is perceived as intolerant, I apologize. I'll try to be less intolerant about cultie murderers for you going forward.

    20081115 - las vegas anons follow scientologist harrassing civilian - Duration: 7:03.

    • 6 years ago
    Las Vegas Anonymous follows a scientologist named Lou Fossessca, taking pictures of Anonymous members as well as innocent civilians.
  • camera kills fuckit - Duration: 1:14.

    • 4 years ago
    recorded in jan 2010
  • I recently purchased one of these guys. Looks cool, but had a really bad issue with the dealer, machining marks on the barrel, bluing damage, trigger has horrible creep and is very heavy, and this is BRAND NEW...

    Anyway, after ~200rds I am having an issue where the bottom of newly chambered rounds do not go in easily, they get scraped and sometimes they jam. Is this the issue you were having?

    In the end, it looks nice, but the accuracy isn't there, ...this gun isn't worth the money. Stay away.

    Thompson Center R55 Benchmark (.22 Cal.) - Duration: 5:23.

    • 6 years ago
    Brief overview of the Thompson Center Arms R55 Benchmark Semi-Auto Rifle. Chambered in .22 Cal.


    Scope: Leupold FX III 6 x 42mm

  • You're doing the same, hypocrite. Wait - except instead of wanting answers, you're just spreading "anonymous is CIA psyop" and "show your paystubs before I believe you" crap.

    I offered you an easy way to DISCUSS shit, not RANT shit, in ONE place. EVERYONE can both TALK and LISTEN in #whyweprotest - who said you can't speak? Obviously you don't care about discussion. Don't want to take my offer? Go rant elsewhere.

    20090627 Las Vegas Anons Play Musical Chairs at Org - Duration: 3:28.

    • 5 years ago
    las vegas anonymous plays musical chairs in front of and in protest of the church of scientology.

    former high ranking scientologists have recently disclosed details of the leader of scientology,...
  • Anonymous Protests Scientology Gold Base, Graham Berry Channel 3 Interview - Duration: 7:36.

    • 6 years ago
    music is balboa - kyoto.

    clips and music from Sporadic until about 2:30. Graham Berry Channel 3 Interview, with a scientologist interrupting, from about 2:30 onwards.
  • Thanks for the support.

    Yes, I should've just gave my money to Co$ and told Phizer to fsck off. This is what I get for trying to better society for free.

    20081115 - las vegas anon cited at scientology protest - Duration: 3:52.

    • 6 years ago
    cameranonymous, Cited 2008 Nov 15 by Las Vegas Metro Police
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