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    The Catholic Agency for Overseas Development
    We stand beside people living in poverty – whatever their religion or culture. Through local church partners, we help people directly in their own communities, and campaign for global justice, so that everyone can reach their full potential.


    We believe that everyone in the world has the right to live their lives with dignity. That’s why we work through the local Catholic Church and other partners in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East to fight poverty and injustice, wherever the need is greatest.

    We’re a member of Caritas International – a group of over 160 Catholic agencies from around the world – known as ‘the helping hand of the Church’. Because we work through the local Church we can reach people and places that others can’t.


    We are the official aid agency for the Catholic Church in England and Wales. Guided by the values of compassion, solidarity and hope, we are rooted in the Catholic community. Together, with the help of our volunteers, we put our faith into action to help our sisters and brothers living in extreme poverty to reach their full potential, regardless of religion or culture.


    No one wants to live on handouts. Our priority is to equip people with skills and opportunities to live with dignity, support their families and give something back to their communities.


    Conflict. Climate change. Inequality. HIV and AIDS. Together, we tackle challenges head on every day, using our passion and expertise to bring about positive change.


    We support local organisations who can act fast, providing food, water and shelter for people who have lost everything. And we’re there in the months and years that follow too, helping people rebuild their lives and prepare for whatever the future holds.


    When international bodies and governments make decisions that damage poor communities, we must speak out.

    Campaigning works – it can take years of effort or be as simple as signing a petition. Cancelled debt, increased aid for water and sanitation, action on climate change and a clamp down on corruption have all come as a result of taking action together.


    Each year, tens of thousands of young people discover our work at school or in groups – from volunteers, teachers and classmates.

    We inspire young people to be the change they want to see in their communities and worldwide.

    We are TRUSTED

    The amount of money we receive and exactly how we spend it changes each year. But one thing stays the same – our commitment to spending it wisely.

    Out of every £1 we spend, 88p goes on vital emergency relief and development work in the world’s poorest communities, as well as education and lobbying work in the UK, with only 12p spent on raising more money so that our work can continue.

    We are INSPIRED BY ORDINARY PEOPLE “We were just doing what we ought to do, remembering that we are all God’s children.” - Elspeth Orchard

    Elspeth Orchard is just one of the extraordinary Catholic women who helped organise the first Fast Day in1960 that raised over £6,000.Two years later, CAFOD was born.


    “When you’re alone, you’re afraid, but we are stronger together. We know what the problem is. We help each other.” - Ligia Brigones

    Ligia Brigones supports women in Nicaragua to stand up for their rights.

    You are CAFOD

    None of our work is possible without you. Join us today and put your faith into action.

    Join us today http://cafod.org.uk


    CAFOD works in communities across Africa, Asia and Latin America, helping people to tackle the poverty and injustice they face. We work wherever the need is greatest, with people of all faiths and none.

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    CAFOD’s campaigning tackles the causes of poverty and hunger, not just the symptoms. Speaking out for justice goes hand in hand with our work overseas to help vulnerable families and communities to flourish.

    It enables us to help thousands more communities than we could through fundraising alone, by advocating for changes in policy and practice to reduce poverty overseas. It includes political campaigning, but it is not party political.
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    Hands On is our exciting new project that gets you involved. You can contribute directly to amazing communities as they restore their water supply and transform their landscape, their lives and their future.
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    A UK general election has been called for 8 June 2017. Now is a vital opportunity to speak up for the poorest communities and work together for the common good.
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    Speaking at mass for Harvest or Lent? Here's some great tips from people who have tried. Ask someone in the parish to read out the short talk at Mass. If you would like someone to speak at Mass, please contact your local CAFOD volunteer centre.

    Nicanora is 32 years old and lives with her husband and her four children in the Bolivian Altiplano. Despite working long days, they often go hungry. Nicanora explains: “On a normal day we don’t have much food, we eat barley soup. We grind the barley and mix it with water. When we eat just this soup all day, we get tired very quickly. Sometimes I buy some vegetables and make them last as long as I can. But, if there’s no money, and I can’t buy vegetables, we’ll just go without”. But, Nicanora and her community want to change this. With your support, they will work with our partner, CIPCA,to learn new skills, which will enable them to grow crops, despite the harsh climate on the Altiplano.
    Get ready for Harvest Fast Day on Friday 7 October

    This Harvest your parish are invited to join Nicanora on her journey. Please use the resources and share Nicanora’s story with your parish:
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