• Boy Pierce - RÉSUMÉ (Rhythmic Eclectic Sequence of Unique Melodic Experimentation)

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    Shot by Jon Applebaum and Michael Romano


    New York City with a dude so gritty
    Ooh so witty and your mood so shitty
    Move so biggie, groove so pretty
    Attitude so giddy and the route so busy
    Dizzy, float on proton packs
    Modest Mouse, hold on that
    Reason when I get it, season when I'm frigid
    Hibernate, lie awake, and eat upon the gimmicks

    Call it Matthew's forte
    Foreplay 'til you come back with some more pay
    Importante, run it like you Monte
    Never been a royal now we Omar Infante
    Donde esta BP?
    Greyhound Bus bound for NYC
    Sitting in the back and we didn't interact like I had a little pad and a pen by me

    More heart than the Franklin Institute when I sync this loop
    Think this through
    Speaking to you all through a record I recorded in my kitchen room
    Chickens be wooing me, telling me ways be so fluently, who he?
    Blocking myself in, lock like an elderly gated community, ooh wee!

    I ain't sleeping hitting snooze
    I was going big, Secret of the Ooze
    Peaking at my boo, speaking only true
    Tweak it and approve and I leak it to the news
    Reaching for the moon, bounce
    All I see is gifted cats, sitting back
    With a pissed off act getting Rick Ross fat
    Criticizing, visualizing Ding Dong snacks

    Took a step from everyone I love
    Send my Delaware and my Philadelphians hugs
    Chasing for a challenge so I'm sending you my buzz
    Pace around the park, see the pennies in the mugs

    Rent check heavy, but the mic check ready
    Wild like Petty and my smile stay steady
    Damn kid, I'm ready to drop, rock, I'm heady
    I dribble mid court and I stop, pop like Reggie

    I'm George at the Sea Dance, Tyler in the basement
    Lloyd clowning Sea Bass, Nelson with the Naismith
    Luke in New Hope, it's true, I'm too dope
    X-Men First Class brass and you coach

    Mentality, early dismissal pre-holiday
    Nowadays, ya'll Florida Marlins and I'm like Halladay
    Proud to say, people go rally, don't dilly dally
    Come and challenge me, like waking Biggie up for a trip to Cali

    Went from cheesesteak to a pizza spot
    Cradle and finagle, take the bagel, I don't eat the lox
    Beast a lot, Top of the Rock, Sean Connery
    Dwayne Johnson, Duane Reade by your property

    Don't be running on a Brooklyn Bridge like Bennie Frankie
    Bump into a tourist and ignore it, don't get semi cranky
    And fill the center up of the subway route
    Plenty of delis so don't you ever take the Subway route

    Go Dunkin Dough...no T.G.I.
    Told me that you got a rub-and-tug, man that's T.M.I.
    Free your mind, freezing I believe in winter season grind
    Teaser for my thesis 'til I piece together peace of mind

    So catch me standing on a subway
    Shouting on a Sunday and meeting on a Monday
    Someday this will be the past and I'll be back soon
    But I'm doing fine and I sign it sincerely Matthew

    Shoutout to Applebaum and Mike Romano
    Go 'til the crack of dawn is like the motto Show less
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