• Ghosts'n Demons v1.7.9

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    Celebrating Ghosts'n Goblins 30th year anniversary.

    You can download game here:


    Update 1.7.9
    Wanna give something for this ones that decided to help and donated - they can get update sooner. If you cannot donate and don't wanna wait - there little challenge - make video of you beating at least level 2 boss on normal with 1 credit . Hope that's not to hard.
    * added 2 new game modes: easy/practice with checkpoints and hard/pro that require form player much more precision
    * 2 new armour green and black for new modes
    * added few new endings
    * similar to last update , redrawn/improved/corrected all hero sprites without armour(https://s26.postimg.org/gfb...... the navel in now in right spot
    * lots of new animations and background improvements
    * some scripts optimization and 2 small bug fixes
    * nerfed a little last stage
    * new secret

    + Update 1.7.8
    * improved lots of enemies sprites (fish,snake sub boss, stone pillars, slime knights, woody pigs, spikes )
    * improved walk animation of all big enemy's
    * improve main hero armour sprites (original game have 16 frames of animations for armour , im over 100 - here little comparison https://s11.postimg.org/8vj......)
    * new victory pose
    * improve fortress boss and stones shading
    * extend vertically stage 2 (similar to stage 4 last update)
    * one boss get two new animations
    * improved skeletons ai (they better maneuver betwin platforms)
    * some new details in backgrounds
    * fixed few bugs
    + Update 1.7.7
    * there a new secret
    * draw and vertically extended entrance and boss arena of stage 4
    * lots of little background details across different stages have been redrawn
    * you can now perform short drop from platforms much easier (by not holding any direction on first frame of drop animation)
    * you can now cancel with attack and chose direction of fall recovery
    * added and improved few sfx and animations
    * some scripts optimization
    * fixed mag transformation on fire descent stage
    + Update 1.7.6
    * some parts of this update i was working for last half year
    * new introduction/endings
    * lost of new animations for our knight and enemies
    * redrawn/reshade fish , sea horses ,turtle ,spiders and few backgrounds
    * new gesture
    * improved how magic bar works and there new lv2 animation
    + Update 1.7.5
    * redraw/reshade rose and wall knight
    * there new mini boss in u.ch.
    * lots of background graphic get improved
    * extended a little mimic hurt box
    * fixed rare 1 boss crash
    * optimize few scripts
    + Update 1.7.3
    * there alt game exe you can use with (check read me)
    + support 1080p in fullscreen mode
    + better controller handling
    + better fps in opengl mode
    - auto bilinear filtering in fullscreen mode
    - still can have some specific bugs that not present in default exe
    * improved lighting
    * there new clear screen at end with few stats
    * optimize Tiamat stage performance
    * as always tons of new pixel ben added improving graphic
    * two new secrets: one for most sophisticated and skillful , other for fastest and fearless
    + Update 1.7.0:
    * drawn and added another transformation
    * redrawn and improved quite few frames of enemy's and main character
    * st5 boss get new patterns to spice up the fight
    * improved st3 sub boss code (snake) and nerfed a little his health
    ~ tip: if you want to keep your high scores just overwrite the folder with the update or backup ".hi" file from save folder
    + Update 1.6.6
    Big update - lots of thing is added/improved in graphic ,sound and mechanic department.
    * write new code to draw scanlines
    * changed default scanlines mode to middle ground (now default is just backlit - if you like fat scanlines you can still turn them on)
    * lots of code optimization
    * some enemy attacks can now be altered or slowed down by weapons
    * improved moving platforms
    * like with every update redrawn ,smoothed and edit lots of enemy's and bosses animation (and i mean really lots of work goes in to this every time) maybe i dint show it in previous updates so it let me show you some comparison this time (old vs new - contains big spoiler so click it if you really want to see it or don't mind spoilers)
    * above goes also for all levels graphic
    + Spoilers:
    * you can now build second magic bar for even more devastating magic attack (a summon that you can control)
    * increased a little drop rate of special weapon
    * you now gain bar slower by inflicting damage to enemy's ,but you don't lose it when throw a weapon - so you can use it in appropriate moment
    * there a way to build magic bar faster Show less
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