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    The Stages of the Path: Lam Rim for Americans

    In this series of classes, Robert Thurman will discuss in detail the three stages of the Lam Rim. The first stage, renunciation, occurs upon recognition that the nature of all unenlightened life is suffering, from which one can generate a strong transcendence based on the determination to be free from suffering. The second stage is based upon the contemplation that suffering is universal and common to all beings, whereby one develops the bodhi-mind, the altruistic spirit of enlightenment. In the third stage, one develops the realistic view, the understanding of the wisdom of emptiness. In the final session, Professor Thurman will discuss how one can use these stages in contemporary life, with an emphasis on meditation including one-pointed, analytical and visualization practices.
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    "There is no higher happiness than peace," the Buddha said. In this program, we will explore inner peace and its relationship to ethics, love, and a conviction about interdependence, and work with how these guide us to what right action might look like in a world so clearly not at peace.
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    Bob defines the Individual Vehicle of Buddhism as that which seeks transcendence from the imprisonment of cyclic life. To begin this path, he describes how one must realize their own precious human embodiment.
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