• Sing About Me [Cowboy Bebop]

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    Ruining Great songs with mediocre edits :3

    But in all seriousness it feels really good to get this out by 2016 like I said I would. It's not perfect, but it's something I take pride in. I added in quotes from the show, let me know if they add to the song, or take away from it. Funny enough, this is the first amv that I finally learned what keyframes are, and how to use them. I didn't learn until like the third verse, so you won't see it in use much, but this should improve my amvs in the future.

    Since I saw Antearion do it, I thought I'd talk about 2015, and what it meant to me. 2015 honestly was probably one of the better years of my life. Senior year of high school was a blast. I went to prom and grad bash (two things I thought I'd miss out on), and really I walked away from high school with no regrets. My first semester in college was no where near as bad as I thought it would be. Professors were chill, roommate was good, and I enjoyed the freedom. Started hitting up the gym later on in the semester, and I came back home 35 pounds lighter than I was when I left.

    Sadly as great as 2015 was for me, I wasn't doing amvs for about half of it, and I'm sorry that wasn't my intention. Financial Aid screw ups prevented me from getting my money until late October which I needed to buy my laptop, so I had nothing to edit with. I should be more consistent (fingers crossed) in 2016. I already have my next couple of edits lined up. The first being the Lost Ones re-edit, then I might throw together some short projects, and I really want to do an edit to "The Healer" by Mick Jenkins, but I need a show. I was thinking the Monogatari series (problem is I haven't watched them yet lol). But in the end I have to thank all of those who supported me this year, I know I sound like a broken record but it means a lot.

    KnuckleHeadKing: There really isn't much I can say to you, you've already surpassed me immensely already as an editor, and made a name for yourself. I know you'll make Bro Era proud.

    Jamafang: Same goes for you, you've improved greatly. I saw you in the Basement Dweller collab and you fit in just fine, which is really impressive considering the other editors you were doing it with. I think you'll make more of a name for yourself in 2016.

    C L O C K W O R K: I found your channel at complete random when I was looking up Kendrick Lamar amvs, and I saw your mash-up amv of the various songs on TPAB. I've loved every single one of your vids since, there's just something about your edits man, I can't explain it.

    TruealCapwn: You showed me love way back when I doing my shitty edits with WMM (they're just less shitty now). If it wasn't for the support you showed me, I honestly might have stopped making amvs after We Made It. So thank you again for like the 1000th time.

    Lord Anthony: As a fellow #WeInIt editor it was fun doing those two collabs with you. You were really starting to come into your own as an editor, hopefully I see more from you in 2016. Still waiting for you and Knuckle's Christmas collab to drop, if that's still going to happen.

    Chris Loves Amvs: I don't say it nearly enough, but I really do appreciate the support you gave me. You even reached out to me off of YouTube man, and I feel like I never showed you proper appreciation. I know you're done with amvs, but if you ever come back to them, and need someone to collab with man hmu.

    In 2016 I'll try to be a little more social, so I have more editors that I can consider my friends, and write corny shit about. I've really only reached out on YouTube comments, and I got to fix that. My Skype is "BellBilly32" if anyone wants to add me, or comment your Skype below and I'll add you. Imma try to be involved in more collabs and just make more connections with other editors in general.

    And to end this complete train wreck of a description I decide I'm going to dedicate this video to Bro Era. I know we barely knew each other, but he was one of my favorite editors, and I thought the theme of the song fit since's he's hanging it up soon. He showed me love on my 03' Adolescence video, so just consider this a ticket of my appreciation.

    2015 has been fun, hopefully everyone has a great 2016. Show less
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    Made this way after I started watching edits, there is no way I can go back and get every good edit. I'll just add them as I go along, if an editor's vid is in this playlist, they probably have more edits of the same quality.
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