• "Why I can't forget" One Album Per Hour - Edinburgh Fringe 2015

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    Beardyman is taking his critically acclaimed show One Album per Hour on tour around the UK this autumn. Get your tickets here! http://www.beardyman.co.uk

    Filmed at Pleasance Grand, Edinburgh 2015

    I feel the topic addressed in this song is sufficiently provocative to warrant a more concrete explanation of my feelings on this divisive issue. So here goes. Shit be fucked up n shit, muthafuckas be all like, YO! back up you bitch ass bitch, n muthafuckas be all like "fuck y'all muthafuckas!" cuz you know, shit be real in this muthafucka n shit, muthafuckers are all up in this bitch, doin whatever the fuck it is they be doin and that's just how it be . . but hell, what you gon do about shit when shit be this fucked up y'all? You gonna fuckin go in on these muthafuckas? Cuz that shit be too real naam sayin, like mutha fuckas be trippin n shit. Shiiiiit.

    Thankyou. I hope that laid to rest any doubts regarding my views on this difficult topic. Show less
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  • "One Album per Hour" Play all

    Beardyman is taking his critically acclaimed show "One Album per Hour" on tour in the UK. Get your tickets at www.beardyman.co.uk
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  • The Dream Team Sessions Play all

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  • Beardyman: Assorted awesomes. Play all

    Beardyman: Beatboxer, person, thing. What is he doing? What is he ever doing? Why does he do it? nobody knows. Where is he going? Who are you?
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  • Dance you bastards! - live gigs - get in. . . . Play all

    Beardyman making people dance and jump up and down and shout and have sex with each other. No planning, nothing pre-recorded, just beatbox, some synths, live looping and the skin of Beardyman's teeth.
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  • Beardytron_5000 mkII Play all

    After 6 years of frantic research and development, its here. The Beardytron_5000 mkII, and i can't wait to share it with you.

    For the last year and a half i have been working on the system which will allow me to finally realise the ideas i've had in my head all this time which i've never had the means to produce. Now i do.

    This new system is immensely complicated, but it has to be. What i now have at my disposal is the most complex and fully featured live-production system ever devised. I can start from nothing and get a fully formed track in as long as it takes to imagine it. Real-time music production. This has never been possible before. My old set-up was never suited to task, but i got pretty good at using it live and working around its many flaws... Now however, i can design my way out of any problem i see. This has seen a team of 4 developers pushed to their limits to achieve my dream of being able to drag musical ideas out of my head and into the real world at the speed at which they occur to me.

    It'll never be truly finished, because it's potential is limited only be my imagination and ability to fund it's development. But know this... Every time i test a new feature it fires off a thousand new ideas... Basically what i have here is a platform for innovation. At some point i will commercialise the hard work that has been done on the system, but there is no date set for software releases yet or any idea what kind of form any resulting products would take. Still, i feel it is now time to share the fruits of my labours with the world, and i invite u to join me on my ongoing journey into the unknown, to see what lies behind the great mirror, to sample the fruits of the fun-fun shrub, bathe in the cramnumbulant majesty of its myriad splendours. Be... Feel.... Die.
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  • Beardyman: Un-shaved Play all

    Comedic live-looping beatboxish nonsense. . go on. . . feel yourself melting in my mouth. . . you filth monster.
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  • Beardyman vs Reggie Watts Play all

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  • The Beardyman and Friends' Complete and Utter Shambles Play all

    In 2009 Beardyman embarked on a perilous journey into the unknown accompanied by a gaggle of genii.

    The stage was set, but they had no idea what was going to happen. All they knew was that Beardyman had called them there to be awesome, the crowd had to be involved in the madness and at some point it would finish.

    Featuring: JFB, KLumzytung, Jay Foreman, Onyx Ashanti, Reggie Watts, H, 'j'm Black, The audience, both inside and outside the venue.

    are you ready? They're not.
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  • Beardyman: the nether regions of the soul Play all

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