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    Voted Best Video of 2016 We Love Music Awards

    Official Music Video for "Haters" from the album "Lit" by Beacon Light
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    Said to be one of the best music videos in 2016 from Christian Rap. Christian Hip Hop artist Beacon Light spitting bars in what could be "the video of the year (2016)" - quote by Christian Music website New Release Today. New Hip Hop 2016

    Mixed by Jake Rye at http://www.jakerye.com
    Mastered by Mike Cervantes at http://TheFoxboro.com
    Video Production by Andrew Smith from: www.dreampainterstudios.com

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    Haters: Everybody has haters. At some point in your life someone will offend you, hurt you, steal from you, or talk bad about you. It is the world we live in. One of the last things Jesus said was, “Father forgive them, they do not know what they do” (Luke 23:34). That is something that is not always easy to do. I may not feel like forgiving, I may not feel like loving, but I’m going to choose to do those things because Jesus told me to. My haters may not always push me to greatness, but my God will push me to greatness when I rely on Him to love my enemies. I LOVE the haters! I love ‘em!

    Haters | New Hip Hop 2016

    Haters, I love ‘em
    Haters, I love ‘em

    [Verse 1]
    Haters gon hate
    Lovers gon hate too
    I don't know about you though
    But I'm looking for a breakthrough
    What you gon do?
    Who you gon be?
    I gotta train for the fight of my life
    If my flesh is Frazier I'm Muhammad Ali
    Thriller in Manila I'm militant like Attila
    I'm a vanilla gorilla who living just for feeling of killing the flesh
    I put it to death, put two in the chest like nipples on pecs
    This ripple effect will leave you in checkmate
    End game, I'm a kid the way my pen play
    In my lane my name Dikembe
    Innocent of sin the best way
    So I'm breaking whatever I'm facing
    That's leaving me lost and tossed
    When they all scoff and their hating
    Toss sin off ’til it's all gone and I face Him
    Only by His grace I can take this
    Shake this, I ain't Barry sanders
    But I'm surrounded by the lions
    And they're trying to stop my records, ahh,
    They missed a block like tetris, ahh
    But my God gon' catch em, ahh

    Haters gon’ hate
    Lovers gon' hate too
    I don't know about you though
    But I'm looking for a breakthrough
    What you gon' do?
    Who you gon' be?
    You can hate all you want but as for me

    I love the haters
    I love the haters
    I love the haters
    I love the haters
    I love em

    [Verse 2]
    They’re diabolical, pathological, volatile
    Mocking the every follicle of people that they’re jealous of
    They'd drive mile or two to tell you that you bound to lose
    And gotta lot of tools to keep you doubting when the road is rough
    And when they come with that right hook
    You know I gotta verse for ‘em
    Throw their move in reverse on 'em
    Hit em with 3:16s for their search warrant
    When I unload the Canon, 66 shots to your mind, dadadada
    You know I'm still standing, haters I ain't got the time, byebyebyebye
    Yo mama don't panic, your baby boys gonna be fine, mamamama
    My God is my banner, I bless all my haters and rise


    They told me to stop I don't get it
    I'll never flop yo I'm winning
    Hope in my God man He risen
    Shout out to all of my critics
    Running this race ’til I finish
    Turn me up
    Go ahead turn it louder
    They wanna bring that fire like Bowser
    But if they pull that heat I’m a be like steam
    That heat only makes me rise
    I love the haters

    I love the haters
    I love the haters
    I love the haters
    I love the haters
    I love em

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