• The Door Of The Heart by the b.a.s.i.c. band

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    Hey guys! Finally finished our last track for our 2nd digital album titled “back to the b.a.s.i.c.s of love". The last song we are adding is called: The Door Of The Heart. And, so I produced a video to tell the story for the eyes and promote the song. Some of you already bought your advanced download of the album and if so, I will send you the digital download of the song. For the rest of you? This is every bit the CD. Only you can download to your computer, your ipod, phone, burn to CD’s as many times as you wish. Has artwork included. Studio versions, etc. 14 tracks of b.a.s.i.c. songs of the heart. And, soul. Gonna also do a short promo track for this. We worked extremely hard on these 2 albums and on this final song before we begin work on the 3rd album. We actually spend months developing each track and we sing and play most of the instruments and write and make the vids and produce, etc. Anyways, you get it. We gotta eat, too. Ha ha.. So, stop by our place this week and get a digital “get download”. It’s a load of get down! Oh. And, the video work? I wanted it to be dark and haunting. The thought is that have we have abandoned the home of our heart and it’s rooms are left cluttered, so no one’s there to open the door? It is haunted with dreams that might have been. Outside the blessed hope braves an apathetic wind… So, I used an abandoned home in Pennsylvania because that is where I am from and 2 others. Oh. And turn up your stereo or headphones to hear this. You gotta hear this on a good system. Phones and computer speakers don’t get it. So, buy the album or single and burn it to CD and jam out to our “get downloads”. They are a load of basic! I know some of you are like us and don’t have money to burn. So, we are selling the track as a single and on our album. The thing about our 2 albums? We Have 27 of our best works in the last few years on them. 13 on one album and 14 on the other instead of the 8 usually on CD’s. So, well worth the money. And, all goes back into keeping our old equipment, and us, going. Will be uploading the track to our website on the new album and as a single this evening. Appreciate you guys for love us, b.a.s.i.c.ally. And, mostly? We want to make a difference. Oh! And, I use a lot of shots to symbolize things that wither and fade and the shoe one at the end for umm...if the shoe fits! DUH LOL. Signed, Tracy from www.basicband.biz

    Credits also on video: YouTube channels Shabeer1000, wideeyevideo.com and abandoned explorationadventure for their cool clips of their abandoned homes adventures. I only used small clips of each, so stop by their channels and see what they got. After you see what we got on our albums. PIMP LOL. Show less
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